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Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell.


Series: Thomas and Emily De Quincey (1) (Book 1)
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Mulholland Books; First Edition edition (May 7, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0316216798



Amazon Review


A brilliant historical mystery series begins: in gaslit Victorian London, writer Thomas De Quincey must become a detective to clear his own name.
Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his memoir Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, is the major suspect in a series of ferocious mass murders identical to ones that terrorized London forty-three years earlier.
The blueprint for the killings seems to be De Quincey’s essay On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts. Desperate to clear his name but crippled by opium addiction, De Quincey is aided by his devoted daughter Emily and a pair of determined Scotland Yard detectives.
In Murder as a Fine Art, David Morrell plucks De Quincey, Victorian London, and the Ratcliffe Highway murders from history. Fogbound streets become a battleground between a literary star and a brilliant murderer, whose lives are linked by secrets long buried but never forgotten.


This is a reread.

And, I had forgotten how good this book is!  Wow.  I remember the first time I read it and talked to my friend Catherine Russell and said , ” what a great character Morrell had come up with using an Opium Eater”.   The she informed me that Thomas De Quincey was a real person!!!  That news blew me away!  He is a great character for this book!  (and 2 others that follow). 

The book has everything.  Old Victorian London, street people, beggers, the police department, murders, and plenty of mystery!

Oh, and if you think the authors name sounds familiar… he also wrote the Rambo books that were made into movies.  FYI.


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