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A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey & Pen: Dragonwriter edited by Todd McCaffrey.

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Smart Pop (August 6, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1937856836


When Anne McCaffrey passed in November 2011, it was not only those closest to her who mourned her death; legions of readers also felt the loss deeply. The pioneering science fiction author behind the Dragonriders of Pern® series crafted intricate stories, enthralling worlds, and strong heroines that profoundly impacted the science fiction community and genre.

In Dragonwriter, Anne’s son and Pern writer Todd McCaffrey collects memories and stories about the beloved author, along with insights into her writing and legacy, from those who knew her best. Nebula Award–winner Elizabeth Moon relates the lessons she learned from Pern’s Lessa (and from Lessa’s creator); Hugo Award–winner David Brin recalls Anne’s steadfast belief that the world to come will be better than the one before; legendary SFF artist Michael Whelan shares (and tells stories about) never-before-published Pern sketches from his archives; and more.

Join Anne’s co-writers, fellow science fiction authors, family, and friends in remembering her life, and exploring how her mind and pen shaped not only the Weyrs of Pern, but also the literary landscape as we know it.

Contributors include:

• Angelina Adams
• David Brin
• David Gerrold
• John Goodwin
• Janis Ian
• Alec Johnson
• Georgeanne Kennedy
• Mercedes Lackey
• Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
• Lois McMaster Bujold
• Elizabeth Moon
• Charlotte Moore
• Robert Neilson
• Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett
• Robin Roberts
• Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
• Wen Spencer
• Michael Whelan
• Richard J. Woods
• Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This book is a tribute to the lady who wrote my most favorite book..Anne McCaffrey.

Each chapter tells of how the person writing either met Anne, or had dealings with her over writing or if very lucky, what a dear friend.

I enjoyed reading how beloved she was among other authors, how she reached out and helped some get their beginnings of their own career.

I especially loved how Michael Whelan came to draw so many of her book covers for Pern which in turn seemed to have helped them become more popular.

I was so very lucky that for a few brief moments, many years ago in NYC at a Creation Convention Anne McCaffrey was there and I had a chance to meet her and I asked her if she fashioned the Masterharper Robinton after anyone in particular .. she said she made him like her neighbor in Ireland.  I wanted to get a ticket and visit Ireland! lol.

This is a good book to read if Anne is a favorite author.  Most discuss one or more of the Pern books other then her other sci fi books. (thus the title of the book “Dragonwriter”)

I am glad to add it to my collection of Pern books.


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I have two  guests at the Faery House.. can you see them?





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Avatar Art

I have not been well for some time now, and I am even trying Acupuncture at the moment.  My older Chinese man has hands of “gold”, but I think even the Midas touch is not helping.

So all in all I have not been posting much nor reading much nor taking photos.  I am mostly just trying to get thru each day and horrid nights.. The consensus is still Anxiety causing physical things to me.  But I wonder. I am on all the meds for depression and Anxiety and still the physical things continue to happen. I realize I am close to a breakdown and I am scared all the time.

I am writing this not for sympathy..but so those who know me know why I am not posting much or responding to emails. 

I have not told this to but one or two others… when as I came home from my Acupuncture treatment  there was a box at my door.  And Amazon box. (normally this would be no surprise).. but I did not order anything…

When I opened it there sat this gorgeous book on the Art of Avatar!  One of the movies that will forever be in my heart.

I came from Kelly F.  from New Jersey.  We know each other from the computer and once we did meet when she and her family came to Fla for a vacation.

I don’t know why she bought this for me but I will forever remember this and I love the book Kelly.  You have always been a special lady.  Raising your children and still finding time for others.  You always have this happy quality about everything and make others smile and laugh.  I will always remember that you had to go out of your way to meet me and I will forever be glad you did

I cannot thank you enough for this gorgeous book!  I tried to take some photo’s  so you might see the beautiful art work that went into making this movie.

Oh how I wish the next movie was going to be out soon but it will be a number of years yet. 

Thank you with all my heart Kelly.








Maybe we can go to Pandora someday!

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Jack: A Life Like No Other by Geoffrey Perret.

Publisher: Random House (2001)
ISBN-10: 037576125X (400 pgs)


Jack is both the first comprehensive one-volume biography of JFK and the first account of his life based on the extensive documentary record that has finally become available, including personal diaries, taped conversations from the White House, recently declassified government documents, extensive family correspondence, and crucial interviews sealed for nearly forty years. Jack provides a much-needed perspective on Kennedy’s bewilderingly complex personality, presents a compelling account of the volatile relationship between Jack and Jackie (including her attempt to divorce him, move to Hollywood, and become a film star), and reveals how JFK forged the modern political campaign and, once in the White House, modernized the presidency. Jack: A Life Like No Other is a book like no other. Here, at last, John F. Kennedy seems to step off the page in all his vitality, charm, and originality.

I thought that since this month is the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination I would read a book about him.  As with most traumatic things in ones life I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that Kennedy was assassinated.  I was deeply saddened.  For reasons I don’t even know (since I’ve never been very political) I did really like JFK.  I”m sure the whole “Camelot” thing helped it along.  And when he gave the word to put an American on the moon.. he sealed the deal as far as I was concerned.

I also remember the Cuban Crises.  My brother was in the  Air Force during that time and you could cut the tension with a knife! 

This book gives a good, but brief, telling of Jack Kennedy’s life.  From the beginning when he realized none of the siblings matter except for the first born, John to having a father even he did not want to be like.

It tells of how his father basically paid to get JFK nominated, but from then on Jack knew he had different ideas then “daddy dearest”.

I learned a number of things from this book that I did not know.  Not many were very nice things, but they were what made up Jack Kennedy.  There was one sentence that told it as I was thinking at times: He had a privileged life that no sensible person would want.   It pretty much echoed the “poor little rich boy” concept, which in his case is taken both as a snide remark… and as the truth. For as we all know, money cannot by health.  And JFK had bad health all his life. Most prominent was his bad back. He had 3 operations and after was forever on pain drugs.  Right up to the end of his life he was wearing a full back brace, and it was said, had he lived and had a second term her would have wound up in a wheel chair as did Roosevelt.  To top off all his health problems he also had Addison’s Disease.  I know money helps pay for the best care..but it does not give you back good health.

  He was rich..and he was a womanizer..and he was many things but he was still a damn good President.  To this day I find myself wondering what more he would have done had he lived and had a second term.   And I will always be glad that we went to the moon.  Something we should have done again later in years…but that’s just my opinion.

This was a very well written book.  Only once chapter closer to the end I could have done without, since all his “bad points” were mentioned along the way I didn’t need them angrily listed.  Maybe they weren’t but it seemed that way.

The ending, which we all know how it ends, was short and not gone into detail, as there are many  books that theorize the circumstances.  But the author did feel it was a “one man job”, but we will never know …even if the government knows..WE will never know.

Bottom line.. I liked the book.   Like anyone, I dislike his bad points but really liked his good points and I think he did well as President.

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A man was fishing and caught this fish.. no one is sure what it is..but we all thought it might be a Rock Fish (trying to each the shrimp-bait)

rockfish1_zps6414f094[1] rockfish2_zpsa1d97bcd[1]


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RIP Wrap-up


This hasn’t been my best year for reading.. not for RIP either!  But it always amazes me how fast the time goes by!

This year I only read 7 books. I am glad for even that many since I have been feeling so poorly .

I have to admit I was disappointed with Bellman and Black. I am very character driven but there was little to latch on to with the characters in this book.

 Bellman & Black……………..Diane Setterfield (337 pgs)

A Cast of Killers was a bit better and based on a true murder in Hollywood many years ago.

A Cast of Killers…………..Sidney Kirkpatrick  (301 pgs)

I enjoyed The Black Country which was a second book  by Alex Grecian using some of the same characters from his first book, The Yard.

The Black Country……………Alex Grecian     (400 pgs)

Dust & Shadow I also enjoyed very much. Up until this book the only other Sherlock Holmes books I read that were not by Conan Doyle were the ones written by Nicholas Meyer. (which I enjoyed also).  There is a lot of dialog in Dust & Shadow and I continually heard the voices of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

Dust & Shadow……………….Lyndsay Faye   (336 pgs)

I liked The Black House. A bit of a different mystery taking place in the Isle of Lewis off of Scotland.

The Black House……………..Peter May        (368 pgs)

The House of Silk was yet another Sherlock Holmes book.  I never expected to read two Holmes books but it had other good reviews so I was forced into it lol!

The House of Silk……………A Horrowitz      (294 pgs)

And the absolute most enjoyed book I read was the last one!  Before I go to Sleep.  Wow, I never expected to be so captivated as I was with this book.  I was a bit sicker then other times and so for me to continually try to read this means it had to be good!  Most would think.. so someone has amnesia and someone else will figure out the mystery behind it all… and they would be wrong!  So many times I thought I figured this or that out only to find I was wrong!  The twists and turns are many and if you don’t feel like you are in Christine’s poor amnesia set mind then you aren’t reading the book I read!

Before I Go To Sleep…………S J Watson      (360 pgs)

Thank you again Carl (Stainless Steel Droppings) for all you do bringing so many readers together to be able to enjoy so my reviews…and to add more books to my wish list.  (did I just thank him for making my wish list longer?  Ugh!)

Until next year at the same time:  So long for now RIP!

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