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The End of the Turkey







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Thanksgiving Dinner…










Boo and I hope y’all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

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Ready… Set… go!

Well now… here in the USA it’s the day before Bird-day (or Thanksgiving if you so choose).

I begin things today even though I am alone and not doing a lot of cooking.  I will make a turkey and stuff it and make a big pot of gravy. ..and have a little cranberry sauce for taste.

So today I dice up the onions and celery and bag them up to sauté in the morning.  I also grind up walnuts to add to my stuffing.


I add a bit extra bread to the Pepperidge Farm Herb bag. I use about 4 slices each of white bread and rye bread.. then add a touch extra spices like poultry seasoning, rosemary and thyme.


Lastly I get out the gravy pot and tray for the Turkey. ( I will hide the tin in the oven so no dust gets in it.)


This way I get up and put a tub of (non) butter in a big fry pan and sauté the onions and celery and add it to the bread crumbs and after washing the *nekkid* bird, I get ready to stuff it! Then bake and baste for 5 hrs (18lb bird) and surprise, surprise we have a turkey and stuffin’ ready to eat!

Before I go I wanted to show off my “big deal” from a Rummage Sale…


It’s a pretty (in mint condition) Lenox Santa!  And like many things that I get that I like it cost a whole One Dollar! (and it’s really Lenox! woohoo!  I like Lenox because it’s generally “all white” and I like white, but I rarely can afford anything made by Lenox! This was a little pressie for me I’m just sure of it!)

Ok.. so tomorrow is the day… to all those who celebrate Thanksgiving:

 Happy Bird-day!!!

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This is on line, made by a fan who put all the trailers together in chronological order!

This is going to be yet another movie that no one could have done better than Peter Jackson.  His love for Tolkien’s stories is greater, by far, then I might have, and I am most grateful that he has the talent and the means to bring it to life so fabulously!


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Last Week…

** well one good thing that happened last week was that I “got dah boid”…and it’s chillin’ in the freezer!


(actually it’s now residing in the refrigerator slowly defrosting for Thursday. I will be alone again on Thanksgiving so I am only cooking “da boid” with stuffing and making a pot of gravy.  I also have a can of cranberry sauce..which is more than enough for me! (and then of course I get to make yummy Turkey Soup, mahhh favorite!)

**(allowing myself for follow Debi’s lead…) On each Wednesday, all afternoon and into the evening, on one of the higher cable channels they show reruns of Castle!!!  I loovve Castle! and considering the new episodes come on at 10 pm until 11pm ..and considering I often fall asleep before the show is over, this is a great thing!  I actually have seen many “complete” episodes !!!!  The new ones are great too.. I love the writers of that show who write the comedy parts for Fillion!

*** I finished reading Bleeding Heart Square.. it was good! 

**I received a few new books but the one I *squealed* over is “The Hobbit” movie guide!

hob1-1[1] How I love, love, love Ian McKellan as Gandalf!! (and as many other characters he has played, but Gandalf will always be my favorite!)  Now I will always wish I could get some signatures in the book the way I managed to get some in the other guilds to Lord of the Rings!

** Mornings have been cool so that I have been able to take my mile walk around the pond as I listen to The Village People singing the loooong version of “In the Navy”!  Great pace for walking!  However cool it is still a tad humid… which allows me to take pictures of the water droplets on the plants outside.


** The pipe break and water has all been fixed… I finally got to put all the stuff away that I had to move for them to suck up the water in my dining area…

messfromflood2[1] (that was no fun lol)

But that’s all over now and in just a few days this apartment will smell gloriously like Cookin’ Turkey! Yummmmmmmm…

Meanwhile, Boo is trying very hard to sleep straight through until Turkey Day so that he can beg *piteously* for his fair share all day long!


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Bleeding Heart Square


Bleeding Heart Square by Andrew Taylor.

Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Hyperion (January 19, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1401310141


From Publishers Weekly

British author Taylor (An Unpardonable Crime) springs a number of well-timed and well-planned surprises in this briskly paced thriller set in November 1934. Fed up with the slights and slaps of her husband, well-to-do Lydia Langstone decides to room temporarily with her father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a toddler, in his seedy boarding house in London’s Bleeding Heart Square. Lydia soon finds out that papa is in the pocket of landlord Joseph Serridge, a darkly charismatic man skilled at manipulating others. Serridge is being investigated by another tenant, journalist Rory Wentwood, for his involvement in the disappearance of Philippa Penhow, the house’s former owner. As Lydia helps Rory in his delvings, she uncovers a tangled skein of scandal and deadly intrigues stretching back decades and involving many of those near and dear to her. A hasty finale is the only misstep in this otherwise satisfying period piece.

An Unpardonable Crime is still my favorite book from this author, however, I will say that no matter which of his books you read he can paint a picture very well. 

You begin to feel the time of 1934 and the differences between “the upper crust” and the poor and you envision Bleeding Heart Square quite vividly.

I felt as if most of the book was being descriptive (which I like) and more getting to know the characters then it is writing about the mystery.   So I didn’t pick the book up each and every time I sat in my chair, yet at the same time it drew me enough that I never contemplated “not reading it”.

I will admit the twists and turns and final outcome did come upon you very fast and it ended quickly.  But still… in the end, I have to say I liked the book.  Would I read it again? Probably not, it takes something extra special for me to keep the book for a future reread.  I do like this authors writing though.  So far I’ve read 3 books by him now and I’m sure I will check into others he has written.

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Nothing here cost over $1.00!… just gotta love used books! (some look like NEW!)  They weren’t bought all in one day but I hadn’t posted them at all.. so here they are.


The Hustons. I’ve read this book long ago and must have given it away. Hopefully I will read it again.

A Pocket Full of Rye.  I’ve not read any Agatha Christie before and this seemed a good start.

Franklin & Lucy. Well recently I’ve collected 2 huge books on Eleanor so I thought I’d give Franklin some time. (lord knows when!)


Not sure I want to begin a series but that old saying: “Hey for one buck I might read it”.. came into my head. *sigh*


Ahhh yet another Biography of a well known writer.  I mean really.. it was only one dollar! and I’d swear it was never read!

and below:

Some Christmas books. I so love the covers too.  


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