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I know that I haven’t been around much lately.  It’s mostly called anxiety and stress. Yet another word for it is fear.

All that and then my computer died.  I mean like reeeeally died.   For a number of years I have relied on Pete.   Pete is my oldest son’s very good friend. He was even Best Man at my son’s wedding.  Pete has graciously allowed me to call him in panic times with my computer even when I lived back in New Jersey.  So it came as no shock to him when I called and said that I had the blue screen of death.

Circumstances were such that he dropped what he was doing and came to my home.  

He began trying to fix my computer.  Which in the long run he could do except that once parts begin to go..the rest follows.  And so while xp was loading on the tower we went to Best Buy and I wound up buying a Dell 23 inch touch screen all in one.  (days later when I found my paperwork for my old computer I found I paid less than half for this one than I did for my old computer!) 

I think most of why i went ahead and charged the new computer was because, since it was windows 7 (yuck) I thought it would help keep my mind off of the anxiety and stress stuff.  Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s done that.  And I am still learning my way around windows 7.  Can’t say I like the changes to my programs..even this Live Writer I use to do my blog posts now does not give me the option to bring in pictures from the web.  I don’t want to use them from my computer for the reason which just happened ..if the computer crashes the pictures go bye bye.   I am not even sure I  am doing the pictures so they will stay.  

yup, I know I am old.  I know i hate changes.  and I will say, the older i get the harder it is to relearn things.  It’s always been easier to learn “new” then to relearn a different way.

So now I have the new computer… getting around much slower than before.. but the anxiety and stress are still huge.  And so my reading has darn  near bit the dust.  I am lucky it I read 10 pages a day.   My camera is hardly picked up these days.  It seems no interest can conquer my problems at the moment.

Anyway… here I tried using the camera (of course had to learn how to put them on the new computer which upsets me more)  and then having trouble with live writer not showing me a way to get the photo’s here *from the web* and not my computer.  But I did it somehow, don’t even know if I will remember how to do it again..  You’d think I’d feel good about somehow managing to do it ..but I don’t.

I hope you can bear with me, i want things the way they were..just don’t know if my head will get back there.



Below is Pete.  Without him I’d have fallen to pieces .  I will never be able to thank him enough…. never.



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Where does time go?  ..and why does it go so dang fast?!

Boo Boo Kitty wakes me early (about 5 am) .  This is nothing new, he’s always done this.  And so, I always wake in the dark of the morning.  Of course, now that *Fall* about to be here (not that one notices in southern Florida), I have noticed that daylight is getting later and later.  ..and I know when we first turn the clocks back, for a short time, daylight will come earlier.  And naturally it follows that the dark of night comes earlier.  Sigh.

Where does time go?  … and why does it go so dang fast?!

I suppose you’ve been told that as you get older time will go faster.  (Like we all need the fast lane to get even older!? not.)

Trying to understand or explain the passage of time is impossible.  It’s like telling someone what a certain pain feels like.  They nod their head in understanding and say yes, yes, yes I  know how you feel.   And one day they get that exact same pain and what do you hear?  “wow, I didn’t know it would be like this!”   Understand?.. *sigh* Until it happens to you, you really don’t understand at all.

How do you tell someone to make a serious Bucket List .. hang it where you will see it every day, add to it or take away from it but don’t forget it.  And each year MAKE yourself do one of the items on the bucket list….. because saving and waiting isn’t going to help you do it.  If anything it will take away from the chances you might have of finding those happy moments. Yes, it’s stopping to smell the roses.  Because when you are older your health may (may? more like will) be a hindrance…. along with more excuses than you can shake a stick at.   I can promise you that no matter how many things you may do on those bucket lists.. it won’t be enough.  But they will make you feel that you enjoyed life a little more. 

And then the day comes when you wake up and  find that you are ON the fast track and there’s no stopping time… and you know exactly where the train will stop. When life suddenly picks up speed  and you find yourself, not just saying but feeling, where did the months and years go?  When did my kids grow up and no longer need me?  I was just 28 wasn’t I ? How did I get old without seeing it?   Why did I miss so much?

Where does time go?  ..and why does it go so fast?

I think I need to end on a happier note… possible?  hell if I know!


I have totally fallen in love with David Goode’s  bronze statues. 

I’ve shown a photo of one before and left his link… but I can’t get his work out of my mind. Most of them are happy Elves!  Just look at the expression in the statue above’s eyes!  He’s lookin’ to get into some serious mischief !

I find myself wondering how does David Goode’s mind work?  What made him make so many Elves?  Is he even half as happy as his work portrays?  I want to live next door to his store and just go and sit among the Elves all day long!


Oh yeah, this one above is up to no good! heh.

I really love this one… if it’s possible to love one of these more than another!

..Just look at the contentment!!!!  How does he get such detail?  Where did he get these exquisite expressions? This one too belongs in my apartment!

This last one I will post surprised me.  I did read Mr. Goode’s biography and he’s my son’s age!  So I wonder ..where did he see this fairy holding a Jack-o-lantern?  Because he’s too young to remember Jack-o-lanterns growing wild in some field!  Of course maybe England still has more fields than we do here in America and they still are plentiful there.

Seeing that Jack-o-lantern brought back memories of when I was quite young (single digits!)  There was a field next to where I lived and I always would go there to look for wild strawberries or wild Violets to pick for my mother or… to find jack-o-lanterns!

When Jack-o-lanterns loose their pretty orange color they become a beige color and nearly transparent.. they make a great piece for dried flower arrangements.

Anyway… back to Mr. Goode.  I want to go to England and live next to his store and each day I will go in there and stay with  everyone of his creations because they make me feel good inside.  I envy Mr Goode for his creativity and for what he must feel inside as he makes all those smiling faces full of thoughts of monkey business!

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The Edinburgh Dead

This is my 3rd book for RIP: Peril the First

The Edinburgh Dead by Brian Ruckley

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Orbit;(August 17, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0316079960

Product Description

Edinburgh: 1828
In the starkly-lit operating theaters of the city, grisly experiments are being carried out on corpses in the name of medical science. But elsewhere, there are those experimenting with more sinister forces.
Amongst the crowded, sprawling tenements of the labyrinthine Old Town, a body is found, its neck torn to pieces. Charged with investigating the murder is Adam Quire, Officer of the newly- formed Edinburgh Police. The trail will lead him into the deepest reaches of the city’s criminal underclass, and to the highest echelons of the filthy rich.
Soon Quire will discover that a darkness is crawling through this city of enlightenment – and no one is safe from its corruption.
The Edinburgh Dead is a powerful fusion of gothic horror, history, and the fantastical.

Well.. first let me say that this is most assuredly a perfect book for RIP!

It began innocent enough.. there was a murder and a Sergeant on the police force on the case that had the audacity to want to discover more of the murder…even if it was a murder of a nobody.

Then the book jumped to Sergeant Quire’s stint the the military service and I momentarily got confused. (this is easily done when you are my age or older) But then It quickly began to get interesting. Then because he won’t give up… he gets fired.

Now, normally I am not a find a murder and  a detective searches for clues and finds the murderer type of reader…. but then again this one didn’t quite go that way either.

There was a hint of *something not right*.

There was a hint of *something like Frankenstein?”

There was a hint of *walking dead?*

There was even Burke and Hare!  Who began their business by stealing bodies from graves…and then stepped up to murdering victims so that they would have a body to sell!   (I still want the movie of Burke and Hare!!).. anyway..

Most of all there was one *hell bent* ex-sergeant who was going to solve all the weirdness and murders. 

Even when the dead came after him!  How does one kill a dead person you ask?  Guess you will have to read the book to see *if* it is possible.

So, although this was not quite my cup of tea… it was written very well and the story moved along nicely so that one did not get bored and even though some things become painfully clear..you still needed to read on to see how it all ends!

I think this book will be liked by many as a very good read for RIP.

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The photo’s below are of a plant beside the building I live in.  It’s a Schefflera actinophylla or Brassaia actinophylla  or sometimes known as the Umbrella Tree or Umbrella Plant or Octopus Tree.  I’ve been in this  apartment a little over 2 years and I never notice this plant bloom!

Surprise .. surprise! (spoken in my best Gomer Pyle voice) This plant is pretty dang big! (known to grow up to 40 ft. tall)

Very strange blooms …and lots of tiny activity going on around them!

…ah.. bee’s !  must be some sweetness up there!

Info: It produces racemes up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) long containing up to 1,000 small dull red flowers.

… lots of bee’s!!


Info: The plant produces up to 1000 flowers generating large amounts of nectar which attracts honey-eating birds which then spread the seeds. (there’s a lotta spreadin’ goin’ on!)

I just thought it looked interesting enough to post.. heh.. You can’t get much luckier eh?! .. oh.. true.. you could win the lottery!

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New Books

The mailman cometh cameth. (is there such a word?..heh)


I did good with these books. I only paid full price for one of them!

I had seen The Plucker (by Brom) in a bookstore and the soft-back addition was 19.99. I got this “like new” hard back version AND shipping for half of that!

Daphne (by Justine Picardie) was a used “like new” ($3.49) book from Amazon so I wound up not paying any shipping!

The Butterfly Cabinet by Bernie McGill was the only one in this photo that I paid full price for.. and I had also “preordered” the Night Circus, which of course was full price, and will be mailed shortly.

Overall I did good ! Plucker is in “new” condition and a Hardback so it will hold up a lot better than if I had gotten the soft-back version.

I now have wa-a-a-ay too many books that are RIP worthy!! So I am planning on continuing reading more of them after Halloween.  


On another note:  my cat BooBoo thinks there isn’t a space in the apartment that doesn’t belong to him.

Along with all my RIP reading I have taken to reprinting a trilogy I wrote. It was three yrs ago my “son” Chris read it and helped  with some editing and the only printout I had was from 2003.  Add to that somehow some water got on it and wrinkled pages . So I decided to slowly read each chapter, reformat it and print it chapter by chapter and replace them all so I have the most current edit.  I will not print it again as it’s costly!  Anyway… I set up this little 18 x 18 inch folding table so I could set the book on it for taking out old pages and putting in the new pages.     Boo, of course thought the table should be for HIM.. not the book!  So he squeezed is 12 lb body between the book and my desk.. and there he napped, not letting me work on the book.

Ya, just gotta love your animals.  They rule us in every way they can!

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Book 2 for RIP VI: Perils the First

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Quirk Books;(June 7, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1594744769

Amazon.com Review
Amazon Best Books of the Month, June 2011: As a kid, Jacob formed a special bond with his grandfather over his bizarre tales and photos of levitating girls and invisible boys. Now at 16, he is reeling from the old man’s unexpected death. Then Jacob is given a mysterious letter that propels him on a journey to the remote Welsh island where his grandfather grew up. There, he finds the children from the photographs–alive and well–despite the islanders’ assertion that all were killed decades ago. As Jacob begins to unravel more about his grandfather’s childhood, he suspects he is being trailed by a monster only he can see. A haunting and out-of-the-ordinary read, debut author Ransom Rigg’s first-person narration is convincing and absorbing, and every detail he draws our eye to is deftly woven into an unforgettable whole. Interspersed with photos throughout, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a truly atmospheric novel with plot twists, turns, and surprises that will delight readers of any age.

From the moment this book was in my hand… it felt different.  A little smaller in size than some, but firm.  I flipped the pages and felt the paper.  A much better quality of paper than most, the lines are 1.5 spaced instead of single spaced, and the size font was readable.  Add to that all the pictures that were in the book!  Pictures and or illustrations I love when they are in a book.  The book even has fancy page numbering at the bottom… this book was done right!  Why can’t more books have this much love put into them along with the story??

Ok .. so all looked great, now I had to hope the story was as good as the book looked… it was.

From the first sentence in the prologue: I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen. The author caught my attention… and quite easily kept my attention through the entire book.

This is a perfect book for RIP, so if you haven’t read it.. you well might want to add it to  your list because I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Jacob’s story is quite amazing. When he was young, one might say that his Grandfather tried to prepare him…but how does one prepare for what one does not believe in??   Surely, a person can not really float up into the air.  And surely there is no such thing as being invisible.   Is there?

When the time comes that Jacob no longer thought that his grandfather was crazy is when Jacob’s adventure begins. Once it begins you are have to keep reading to see what’s next. 

I have to say that the only disappointment in the entire book is how it drops off suddenly to set it up for the “next book”… it’s pretty blatant, and hard to miss, and although it doesn’t leave you with a *cliff hanger* it was just a tiny bit disappointing.  I guess I am used to either having that cliff hanger and thinking *how can they do that to me?!!! argh!* or, the book being more completed but yet knowing another adventure would be in store. 

However, I will say that the ending does not deter me from saying this was a very enjoyable book and that I think anyone who reads it will totally enjoy it too.

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I looked outside just the other day and saw this happening on the far side of the pond… kinda creeped me out.

…remind you of a movie maybe?

..it got even more spookey when they all sat quietly on the telephone wires.  I began to imagine the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock appearing…

…. ACK!…

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The Map of Time


My first book for Perils the First

The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma.

Hardcover: 624 pages
Publisher: Atria Books;(June 28, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1439167397

(below: inside cover)

Product Description


Set in Victorian London with characters real and imagined, The Map of Time boasts a triple-play of intertwined plots in which a skeptical H.G. Wells is called upon to investigate purported incidents of time travel and thereby save the lives of an aristocrat in love with a murdered prostitute from the past; of a woman bent on fleeing the strictures of Victorian society; and of his very own wife, who may have become a pawn in a 4th-dimensional plot to murder the authors of Dracula, The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, in order to alter their identities and steal their fictional creations.  

But, what happens if we change history?  FÉlix J. Palma raises such questions in The Map of Time. Mingling fictional characters with real ones, Palma weaves a historical fantasy as imaginative as it is exciting, a story full of love and adventure that also pays homage to the roots of science fiction while transporting its readers to a fascinating Victorian London for their own taste of time travel. 

Right off the bat I am going to admit that the cover had me on this one.  The fact it was in England in Victorian time was the second grabber.  And then Mr Palma uses names that are known to us all such as H.G. Wells, Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker and Henry James.  It seemed to have everything that a great book needs!

However………..  the book began slowly, and after 50 pages I wondered if I should go on.  The beginning should have been the grabber, seeing as it was about Jack the Ripper… but the style of writing just wasn’t making me feel like I was in the book.

But I did continue..

The book picked up for me after 100 pages for a while and I was getting into it… then … I hit an area that was not holding my attention at all. *sigh*

I read on and later it got pretty good again!… then it lost me again.  It was this way all through the book for me.. the era was right, the characters were right…but the telling of the story just didn’t keep me throughout the book.   I have my wonders if maybe something was lost in the translation…

The book is laid out in 3 parts. Loosely connected it’s almost 3 separate stories..again, that did not thrill me.

Over all I will say that I didn’t just put it aside I read the whole book, and considering that the book was 624 pages long, that has to mean it wasn’t all bad.  I’m sure others will love the book much more then I did .

I even googled this book for reviews and it seems I am in the minority and most really like the book.. so.. there you have it lol.. sorry I am not much help on this one!

So goes my first book for RIP.

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RIP Made Me Do It!…

I have finally done it.. I’ve gone off the deep end. …. and I blame it all on RIP!… just look at what I have gone and done…

I bought a book of short stories!  I don’t even like short stores! As a matter of fact each time I get a book of short stores, thinking I will really get into them because I like the basic topic… I never get past reading 2 or three stories and toss the book aside.   But look!  I’ve bought yet another short story book!…  AAArrrrggghhhhh!

Death by Dickens Edited by Anne Perry.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley (November 2, 2004)
ISBN-10: 0425199479

*sigh* but look at the description of the book!… I had to have it!

Product Description
New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry and ten of today’s masters of mystery present stories inspired by Dickens and his immortal classics.

See below: the inside of the jacket description..

… gads,… I need to be put into a mental institution! (at least it was bargain priced and I had turned in 3 paperbacks for credit so it only cost me  Forty-three cents)  Now I have no paperbacks to turn in and no one will take hardbacks dang it!

Then as I mulled through the book store this caught my eye…

The Plucker: An Illustrated Novel by Gerald Brom

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Abrams; New edition edition (March 1, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0810996022

Ohhhh.. Brom!

Ohhhh… filled (FILLED) with his artwork!

Product Description
The Plucker, now updated with new art and an afterword from world-renowned dark fantasy artist Brom, is a window into a world where fairy-tale tradition collides with vileness and depravity, love and heroism, suffering and sacrifice. In this shadowy land of make-believe, Jack and his box are stuck beneath the bed with the dust, spiders, and other castaway toys, and forced to face a bitter truth: Children grow up, and toys are left behind. Jack thinks this is the worst fate that can befall a toy. But when the Plucker, a malevolent spirit, is set loose upon the world of make-believe, Jack is thrust into the unlikely role of defending Thomas, the very child who abandoned him, and learns that there are worse ends for a toy than abandonment. As desperation mounts, Jack is thrown together with Thomas’s other toys—Monkey, the Nutcracker, and the ethereally beautiful porcelain doll Snow Angel—as they struggle to rise above their simple roles as playthings and save the boy they love.

About the Author
Brom is the world-renowned illustrator whose vision has graced a wide range of fantasy and sci-fi fiction, games, and films, including Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

Last year I also read, The Child Thief by Brom which is a very dark tale of Peter Pan.. one that I promise you’ve never heard of before!

Here’s my link from my review.

I can honestly tell you that until I found RIP.. books like these would never have entered my home!!!!  Never! Never! Never!

I started small (very small: Gil’s All Fright Diner) and it’s brought me to love gothic mysteries and much more! 

I think I should just send my charge card bills directly to Carl!   Everyone that agrees raise your hand!……:o) yeah, that’s the ticket!

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Book Meme

I believe this meme began as a 30 day book meme..but then I found another with even more questions… so I just took off “days” and listed the questions…..

01 – The best book you read last year

NonFiction: Two Sides of the Moon: Scott & Leonev

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society

Fiction:  Neverland: Piers Dudgeon

Fantasy: Necromancer: Michael Scott


02 – A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

The Thirteenth Tale: Diane Setterfield  (I am trying hard not to keep saying the Pern books because I know Pern will be mentioned too many times as it is!)


03 – Your favourite series

The Pern series of books by Anne McCaffrey (well that didn’t take long)

also: The Inkheart Trilogy. 

The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

The Nicholas Flamel Series.  Dragonlace series. 

Harry Potter series….and a few others.

04 – Favourite book of your favourite series

A hard call on that one.  Book 1, Dragonflight was a masterful piece. Very action packed, with strong characters, and evil abiding. It is was hooked me for many books to come.  But then the White Dragon has my heart, so it’s a two sided coin.

05 – A book that makes you happy

I don’t know that I can name “a” book.  I am most happy when I am rereading an old favorite.  I get the feeling of being *back where I belong* and quite often find myself reading with a smile on my face.

06 – A book that makes you sad

Where The Red Fern Grows.(I could cry just thinking of it! argh!) & Water for Elephants

07 – Most underrated book

I found that Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is underrated.  I love the book and felt it had depth and heart and great characters.  Unfortunately it gets *mixed reviews* and the movie they made (although the cast was excellent!) was not made up to par.  It cut much from the book and because of that I feel the movie did poorly and had not good reviews. I think that also sheds a shadow on the book.

08 – Most overrated book

Hmmm… can’t say I know the answer to that one. There are a number of books “overrated” but many of them I don’t read.. the few I’ve read that had nothing but good things said about them I’ve agreed that they are good.

09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Happily, that has happened a number of times!  Where do I begin?

Oh right, that would be with Carl and his RIP Challenge.  When Carl put this challenge up I thought that there was no way I could join even to read one book.  I really don’t care for vampire or zombie type books.

Low and behold I searched for soooooo long and finally found a little book that I thought I’d give a try to.  That books was Gil’s All Fright Diner…. and I wound up laughing and smiling thru most of the book, which when you consider that the unlikely hero’s in it were a vampire and a werewolf.  duh.  so began finding books that I thought *no way* about.

Next came Carl once again mentioning Gothic Mysteries.  Say what?!  He recommended The Thirteenth Tale.  With a sigh and rolling my eyes to the heavens I sent for the book…   So far I’ve read it 3 times! Hello?! Where did that come from???.. That led to a book which I’ve only read once (because of it’s size), but do plan to read again.. DROOD!  Get this, its a book supposedly narrated by Wilke Collins about himself and Charles Dickens …yeah, right, like I’d be interested in that!…   I recommend it every chance I get!!!  That set in motion my reading The Woman in White and The Moonstone, both by Wilke Collins!  Never.. ever, ever, ever would I dream that I would not only read books by Wilke Collins… but like them too!!! 

Gotta love when you get such great surprises even so late in life!


10 – Favourite classic book

Honestly, I am not all up on what is a classic and what is not, so I’ll keep my answer short….

hmmm well I certainly liked The Woman in White.  I also love The Hound of the Baskervilles… and who doesn’t love A Christmas Carol?


11 – A book you hated

Any book that I put down and decide I can’t finish reading it!  And unfortunately there have been a number of them.  I don’t want to list any as, just because I didn’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t!


12 – A book you used to love but don’t anymore

oh wow.  hmmm.  that  hasn’t happened!  I can’t say I’ve loved a book and then one day decided that I didn’t.  This is a good thing!

13 – Your favourite writer

Gads! That’s like actually trying to say you love only one book. 

Plus the problem is that one doesn’t always like every single thing the author has written.. which could interfere with said writer being my favorite writer.  I love Anne McCaffrey but I honestly don’t love every book she wrote. I also find I love Wilke Collins (admitted I haven’t read all his books but I am finding he should be on the love list lol.)


14 – Favourite book of your favorite writer

I guess I will go with Dragonflight , Dragonquest & the White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey.  It’s a trilogy so it’s “one extended book” as far as I’m concerned!  But she is not my “only favorite author”.

15 – Favourite male character

Oh my.. why such hard questions? sheesh.  So many times I choose a favorite character of each book that I really like!!  Like I love Gandalf from the Hobbit and LOtR, and then there’s Belgarath from the Belgarion series and oh my but there is Master  Harper Robinton from the Pern series.  I love Hagrid and Snape and Ron from Harry Potter… the list is way too long!

16 – Favourite female character

hmmm .One would be Lessa of Pern and another Polgara from The Belgariad and I can’t forget Mary Russell from Laurie R Kings books. 

17 – A book that disappointed you

All the Todd McCaffrey books.

18- A Favourite book made into a movie

Well, since they haven’t made the Pern books into movies, I have to go with LOtR movies since so much love and thought went into the making. I doubt another movie will ever come out as good as those movies were.


19 – An “unputdownable” book

The first book that I carried with me everywhere and even read while cooking was: The Hobbit

20 – Favourite book from your childhood

I honestly don’t remember books from my childhood…I must be having a senior moment.. I have them often!


21 – Favourite book you own

Seriously? ONE book?  Well since I don’t have the whole trilogy in hardback I guess I will go with “The White Dragon” by Anne McCaffrey. But honestly, I have a number of books that you will have to try to pry out of my cold dead hands because I’d never get rid of them.


22 – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t

Do you want me to list my whole TBR mountain????

23– A book that you wish more people would’ve read

Drood.  (simple huh?!)

24 – A character who you can relate to the most

Maybe the females in Cocoon.

25 – A book that changed your opinion about something

Drood.  After reading Drood I then wanted to read books by Wilke Collins and Charles Dickens… and I never read either of them before.


26 – The most surprising plot twist or ending

Oh wow… well The Thirteenth Tale had the most twist and turns and surprises that I remember…


27 – A book I wish I could live in

I can’t name one. It would be many of the books that I truly love.


28 – A favourite non-fiction book:

Stan &  Ollie  by Simon Louvish


29 – Your favourite book of all time

Sci fi/Fantasy:  The Dragon Riders of Pern Trilogy

Gothic Mystery: The Thirteenth Tale/  Drood

Fantasy: The Hobbit

Biography: Stan & Ollie

NonFiction: The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society


30- A book that is a most treasured possession

These questions lead to duplicate responses!  “A book?” ok I will list one of the books in my glass front bookcase (all of which I will never get rid of)..which maybe I haven’t mentioned as much as *some* heh..    Among others in the cabinet I have 6 Dragonlace books by Weis and Hickman and the 7 Harry Potter books.


31- A favourite book with animals in

Do Dragons count?   *nevermind*


32- The longest book I have ever read

Drood 774 pgs (but if i ever get around to reading Under the Dome that has over 1,000 pgs)


33- A book that I still think about years after having read it

*sigh* once again, trying not to keep saying “Pern” ..I will say the Belgaraid series. (and: the Dragonlance series)


34- A book that has been on my shelf unread for more than 5 years

Finally! the answer is NOT Pern! .. a book I started and never finished but I know I will do so one day is Jonathan Strange and Mr Norvell.


35- A book with the best evil character

oh well.. back to Pern LOL… sorry I can’t help it.. in the first book: Dragonflight there is the most horrid character named FAX.  He was pure evil and awful enough not to be able to forget!

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