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Faery Tale

Faery Tale by Signe Pike

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Perigee Trade (November 2, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0399536175

Product Description

In search of something to believe in once more, Signe Pike left behind a career in Manhattan to undertake a magical journey-literally. In a sweeping tour through Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, and beyond, she takes readers to dark glens and abandoned forests, ancient sacred sites, and local pubs, seeking people who might still believe in the elusive beings we call faeries. As Pike attempts to connect with the spirit world-and reconnect with her sense of wonder and purpose-she comes to view both herself and the world around her in a profoundly new light.
Captivating, full of heart, and unabashedly whimsical, Faery Tale is more than a memoir-it’s the story of rekindling that spark of belief that makes even the most skeptical among us feel like a child again.

This book had a slow beginning for me… but somewhere along the line I found myself thinking that this was something that many of us would like to do. Go back to a simpler time.  Go back to before you found out there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. When it was simple to believe in things that made you happy.  Find the Faery that makes your dreams come true.


“I really don’t believe in faeries.  But I really want to.  Not just for me, but for all of us.  Because we are battered by adulthood…by taxes, by loss, by laundry, by nine to five, by deceit and distrust, by the crushing desire to be thin, wealthy, successful, popular, happy in love. All the while, we are walking on a planet that is disintegrating around us.

Wow.. what a great paragraph.. I think it was then that I decided I really wanted to read this book. …. Let’s go find us some faeries!

The best thing I can do for a review for this book is to write some excepts from the book….. so here we go…

While talking with locals in England:

“Have you been out to the stone circle in Scorhill? Of course I hadn’t. “If there are faeries anywhere, she smiled, You’ll find them on Dartmoor.”

I had also thought that the stone circles were somehow connected with the Druids. But hard facts  pointed out that this was an impossibility..these circles predated Druids by thousands of years. So why did I have the impression that Druids and faeries might be connected anyway?  Maybe because if faeries weren’t a Christian convention they had to be a Pagen one.  And Druids were pagens.  But then again, wasn’t everyone back then who wasn’t a Christian considered a Pagen?

Also when she was searching in  England, Chagford Devon, to be precise, she decided to see if she could meet and talk with  Brian and Wendy Froud. (…yes, Froud of the famous Faery artists)…

As I approached the tiny hamlet of Stiniel, the leaves from the towering oaks overhead dappled the road with patterns that danced in the sunshine. 
A tall hedge ran, ten feet if not taller, on both sides of me, and I couldn’t help but feel as though I was walking a lordly green corridor that led all the way to the ancient “Stone Hall”.  At last the hedges ended and I came to a rusted fence that ran alongside a field of tall grass and wildflowers.  Beyond, the cluster of cottages that made up Stineiel came into view. A two-story house had been clipped from the pages of a Grimms’ fairy tale and duly pasted onto the horizon.  Tall and hewn out of hefty stone, a thatched-straw roof arched across it from which two chubby stone chimneys protruded.  Just gazing at it made me hopeful.  Who knew places like this could really exist?

Their clothes were simple, ordinary… but there was something about the way they looked that made them seem somehow timeless.  Maybe it was Wendy’s long, wavy red hair, or Brian’s mustache, glasses, and rosy cheeks.  But something told me I had stumbled into Faery land.  A rather complicated woman once asked me, “what are we here for, if not to live our own fairytales?”  Sitting at the table with Brian and Wendy Froud, I knew I’d been led to exactly the right place.

I will leave you with one last excerpt from the book…

..as they mountain climbed…

Eventually we were completely enclosed by the sheer rock walls, and the boulders and split fissures in the rocks were easy homes for elves and dwarves.  I felt like we could be ambushed by Orcs at any moment. I hoped Orlando Bloom would step out to save me.

I definitely want to be on that mountain when Orlando Bloom comes bounding out!!!

So here we are.. I finished the book and now want a Faery home and I want more than ever to go to England!  Not only do I want to see Cath and Merlin’s cave but now I want to see some Faery’s!  Or at least where they once existed.

This was an enjoyable book.  It didn’t leap out at me, it had a slow beginning and it lacked only one thing… photographs!! It would have been even more interesting if I could have seen some of the area’s she was describing!  I guess that’s why there are airplanes huh?!   :o) 


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I can’t stop looking at faery houses!!

Faery houses.. some you have seen.. some not.. all from the web.

the next is my favorite for “inside the home’


…then there is this one which is soooo fantastic I can’t stand it! lol

I love them so much I thought.. how hard can it be? (duh dumb.dumb.dumb.) So I thought I’d collect a few items to see..

I couldn’t get them out of my mind so I went to Michael’s.. (bad move) and back outside again..(better move) now my table looks like this…

… did I commit to trying this ? (not yet actually lol)

..or should be committed? It’s stupid to spend money and not know if you are serious going to give this a go or not 

..still not sure…. I, obviously have the beginnings to practice on but haven’t found just what I want yet.  Not that I have the slightest idea how to go about this anyway!!  And we won’t mention “space” to try this in this tiny apartment!!…

I need a straight jacket.

I would so much rather buy one! LOL.. but then I saw the prices..

however, after going to Michael’s and the Dollar Store I can honestly say.. I can see why the prices are so high, one could easily get carried away!! (ya think?!)


*double sigh*

……………………………………..damn faery’s !

I blame it all on this book I am reading: Faery Tale.  Now I want a Faery house. And more then ever I want to go to England!!!   

Maybe I will settle for the Faery house..if I’m lucky. I have some good stuff here..but I just don’t “see” the house yet.

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Sometimes Weekends are boring…

At least that’s the way Boo feels about it.  See how he lounges around on his coffee table that I made just for him?!  Well.. that’s how HE see’s it!

…sometimes I look at him and he seems waaay deeeep in thought.

Even more boring is the top of my refrigerator.  There it is: A Candle, A jar and a Pony Tail Palm.  Doesn’t everyone have a refrigerator top like that?

..well, if not I bet nearly everyone has stuff like this on their refrigerator door! (please don’t tell me I am the only weird one that does this!)

I jumped into the eating area to take this shot..

I think a faery home would look great under the greenery don’t  you?!!  (geez I hate it when something like these dang faery homes gets stuck in my head!)

and lastly:  Turkey Chili with Zucchini… just as it began to cook.

closer look so you can get hungry.

I tell ya.. I lead one exciting life here in the old folks development!

Oh, one thing did happen to me this morning…someone I know on FB did manage to get my heart beating (can’t begin to thank them lol)…

It seems that the Kennedy Space Center is having a little a bit of Science Fiction thrown in with the Real Deal.  It will be called Star Trek Live.. follow the link to see what it’s about~ It’s a neat thing for Star Trek Fans.  It quickly brought to mind of when the Original Trek Cast went to see the “Enterprise”!

I guess that’s enough rambling…  catcha later!

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See this book below?… THAT SORT OF COVER DRIVES ME NUTS!  

If I am at a bookstore looking through books and I come across this my first instinct is to think, “Rex Stout?”   what sort of book is Rex Stout??… then I read more and find that Rex Stout is the Author and the book title is below in small letters. And I put the book back because it has already annoyed me.


That drives me absolutely crazy! (yeah I know: small leap for mankind)

Look below.  This cover caught my eye. Great colors and art work. But once again  …what the heck is a Jasper Fforde????.. ohhhhhhh, again.. it’s the Author ..and again the book title is in small letters down below.  Had I seen that great cover AND the title immediately..I would go further and check the inside cover to see what it’s about.

And I’m sorry, I really don’t much care how famous the authors name is… I still want to know the TITLE to be the first thing (other than artwork) that jumps out at me!

I guess I could say that at least Mr Martin gave his book as big a billing as his name.  However………….. ahh, never mind.

This next one almost gets it right!  At least the book title comes first! But once again the author begs to outdo the book.  *sigh* But still, since I read left to right and top to bottom at least I have a title!

Then there are the ones like this one below.  I thought the title was: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest Stieg Larsson.  It didn’t make sense to me until I realized Steig Larsson was the author. Right. OK on to the next..

Walter is finally on the right track!  I give good points to  Walter Koenig!! (by the way this is an old book…and one that will give you chuckles)

..and now some points for EXCELLENCE…..

Wow! Will you look at this!  Authors name on top but in small letters!!!!!  One glance and you know the Title!  In this instance it’s ok that the authors name is on top because the Title is still what is dominant!  (also it’s part of a really enjoyable series)

And one more cover of excellence.  James A Owen who also gives the cover a chance to sell the story by having the Title of the book larger than his name.  Of course James is a little different from most authors.. he’s also the artist making the cover! 

I applaud Michael Scott and James A Owen!!

I wonder if publishers should make a guide line for book covers .  Title first? or author first… either way as long as I know if I am looking for a title or an author!!!!!!   Books are nearly always set up , in stores and libraries, according to author names so one has no problem finding Michael Scott under the S’s, or James A Owen under the O’s.  The title should always jump out at you and tell you something about the book.

  I know many won’t agree, and that’s ok..we aren’t all meant to be the same..but,  if I am randomly looking for a book to read I want to see the TITLES dang it !!!

Ok.. that’s my rant for today.

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We Seven

We Seven by the Astronauts Themselves.

M. Scott Carpenter

John H Glenn Jr.

Walter M Schirra Jr.

L. Gordon Cooper Jr.

Virgil L Grissom

Alan B Shepard Jr.

Donald K Slayton

Names that will be written in the History books about our beginning ventures into Space.

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (January 12, 2010)
ISBN-10: 9781439181034

Product Description

The pioneer astronauts who took America into space tell their personal stories about the challenges they faced — their fears, joys, friendships, and successes.

Chosen from hundreds of crackerjack pilots for their fitness, intelligence, and courage, the original Mercury Seven astronauts risked their lives to cross the space frontier. In We Seven, they take readers behind the scenes to show them their training, technology, and teamwork, and to share personal stories, including the lighter moments of their mission. They bring readers inside the Mercury program — even into the space capsules themselves. We Seven straps you in with the astronauts and rockets you along for the ride.

Share Alan Shepard’s exhilaration as he breaks through the earth’s atmosphere. Endure moments of panic with Gus Grissom when his hatch blows, stranding him in the open sea. Race with John Glenn as he makes split-second life-or-death maneuvers during reentry, and feel his relief when he emerges safe but drenched with sweat.

Despite such heroism, Project Mercury was more than the story of individual missions. It defined the manned space flight program to come, from Gemini through Apollo. In We Seven, America’s original astronauts tell us firsthand — as only they can — about the space program they pioneered, and share with us the hopes and dreams of the U.S. at the dawn of a new era.

Most who know me know that I love our Space Program and most especially the Mercury , Gemini, and Apollo flights. 

In the beginning:  there were 7 Astronauts. 

Not that I haven’t read other books about our Space Race to the Moon, but I purchased this book because it was to be the individuals talking about their first missions.

I have to admit that parts of it were a bit techy for the likes of me, but as soon as they began speaking of their individual flights I knew I’d enjoy the book.. and I did.

The Amazon review is a good one and it covers the books pretty well.

So I thought I would give you some passages from the book..because no matter how many books I read on the beginning of our Space Missions, I always learn a little more.

From John Glenn:

“The engineers worked out three different ways of firing the small retro-rockets which would start us back towards the earth when it was time to come home.  These were wired so they could be activated either by the automatic timer on the instrument panel, by the Astronaut himself, if the timer failed, or by command sent up by radio from control stations on the ground if the other two methods failed”

Who knew just how many backups they had in place to be sure things worked?!

“Someone estimated that we spent a good two-thirds of our time devising and testing out this system of automatic controls which would allow us to orbit a capsule without a man before we were ready to risk a pilot.  It so happens that safety was always one of the most important factors in running project Mercury.”

From Alan Shepard:

“At 9:34 EST on May 5, 1961 the technicians got to the bottom of their countdown list and there was nothing left to do but push the button which ignited the Redstone.  The flames roared out of the engine and licked across the pad, searing the concrete.  For a second, the Redstone seemed to hesitate. Slowly and agonizingly at last, it began to climb.”

I am so sad that our program has come to such a screeching halt.  And I am sadder yet because these men, and others thought this was only the first step into space, and that it would go on and on…..

I not only believe Space is our final frontier… but a necessary frontier.

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New, Used Books

The first two are used books are from sellers on Amazon.  I’ve wanted Spellwright (hoping it’s good) for some time but it wasn’t “top of the list” and it was pricey… as a used book it was “the right price” so I sent for it knowing  book2  is about to come out .

The second book should come as no surprise.  Cecil B. DeMille, another Biography by Simon Louvish.  It’s a great combination, movie celebrities and.  Mr Louvish.  He seems to know so much about old Hollywood that he makes the biographies come to life.

I really should stop going to the used books store!  Seriously, I go because I am hoping one day that some Wilke Collins books show up in hardback. I know I can get them in paperback but my eyes say hardback!

Lately I have been darn good and twice I walked out with no books!.. but not this time *groan*

First I found a beautiful copy of The Secret Garden put out by Hallmark. It even has a velveteen cover… 1.00 dollar. (and for the record The Secret Garden was on my Wish list!  *ka-ching!*)

Then I found one of the “collection of Pooh books” in pristine condition  or 1.00 !

I always look through their collection of Biographies and Autobiographies.  I like the older celebrities because there is always a lot of old Hollywood and studios in the backgrounds.  Unfortunately for my poor book shelves I found not one but two books!

Autobiography Jackie Cooper .. 1.00 dollar.  I loved Jackie Cooper.  I loved the fact he was a child star and made movies with other huge celebrities and then when he was an adult he even had his own television show called The People’s Choice. 

I can’t believe that as I looked up some information on Jackie I found out he just passed away this past May 3rd at the age of 88.  :o(

Talking to Myself… Pearl Bailey… 1.00 dollar.  Ahhh, Pearly Mae! I still remember early televisions appearances by Pear Bailey and her laid back attitude that always brought smiles to my face.  Not to mention she had a most fabulous voice, and was married to my favorite drummer of all time, Louie Bellson. 

There are no photo’s in the book on Pearl Bailey..or I’d show you a few… but there are some photo’s in Please Don’t Shoot my Dog .

Jackie was in the original Little Rascals…

… and made more than one movie with Wallace Beery

Interesting people for sure…

…and once again my tbr pile grows!

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The Warlock

The Warlock by Michael Scott

Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (May 24, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0385735332

Product Description

In the fifth installment of this bestselling series, the twins of prophesy have been divided, and the end is finally beginning.
With Scatty, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Shakespeare all in Danu Talis, Sophie is on her own with the ever-weakening Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel. She must depend on Niten to help her find an immortal to teach her Earth Magic. The surprise is that she will find her teacher in the most ordinary of places.

About the Author

An authority on mythology and folklore, MICHAEL SCOTT is one of Ireland’s most successful authors. A master of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and folklore, he has been hailed by the Irish Times as “the King of Fantasy in these isles.” Visit him at DillonScott.com

I’ve read this series of books right from the beginning.  When I read the title of the first book: The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) my mind jumped to the first Harry Potter where I remembered hearing the name Nicholas Flamel, and I thought, “hmmmm, maybe I should check this out”… and I did… and I loved it!  And I’ve enjoyed every single book that followed it, The Warlock not being an exception!

(But it almost was!) I can’t give away any Nicholas Flamel Secrets but I was not happy with page 127! (now everyone who has the book will turn to page 127 lol).. but then again I did keep reading… after all there are far too many characters for me to “sulk” over one!

All the regulars were back at their old games!  Dr John Dee and Virginia Dare were winning over Josh while Nicholas and Perenelle had won over Sophie.  The twins were split! (enter twilight music) Mars Uthor could move again! (Ooooo now how did that happen?!)  and many others were taking sides.  Prometheus, Niten, Scathatch, and Shakespeare.  And then there’s all the monsters on Alcatraz Island waiting to be set loose on San Francisco!

Then about page 200 all was “better” in my Nicholas Flamel mood. (guess you will just have to read the books to know what I am talking about!)

I read the book slowly (yeah, I know I’ve done that with all my books lately) but I did want to savor this one.  I’ve waited a year for it to come out and now it’s over. *pout* … but I do have to say, book 5 had a most surprising ending….. yet still a bit of a cliff hanger wondering how it will all end!!!

So.. here I wait broken hearted.. having to wait another whole year until I get to read the conclusion!!

If you like ya books I do believe you will like this series!!  I’ve come to more than like this series of books.  I think Michael Scott is a very fine author indeed!… now, if he’d only stay off of twitter and finish writing the dang last book!!!

I do want to thank Michael for being not only a very fine author but also a very approachable person, who is kind enough to keep in touch with his fans.   Thanks Michael!… now get to work!

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