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A storm always “cools things down”.  Well.. there’s really no such word as “cool” in Florida in the summer..what it means is : it goes from high 90’s to low 90’s.    Anyway… look what I found after yesterday’s storm!

Mama Moorhen has new babies! This time SIX!

And then as I headed inside (because low 90’s with high humidity is NOT cool no matter what they say) I spotted a visitor to the pond!  And proceeded to walk closer and take a bunch of pictures since there hasn’t been a whole lot to take pictures of lately..


Pretty isn’t he?  Believe it or not he’s a juvenile Little Blue Heron, who will one day be all “blue” lol.. I wish he’d stay mottled I think he’s gorgeous!  (and I’ve only seen one other juvenile since I’ve been in Fla.)


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