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Day of the Egret

The Pond has been eerily quiet…

The ducks have all but disappeared..

Occasionally, I see one Moorhen and two “teenagers”..

Oh and I still see “mama fish” and hundreds of baby fish..

And two soft shelled (big) turtles and 2 babies about the size of the palm of my hand…

But birds?………………..

They must have gone somewhere to find cooler air because they are not around much this year!…

So today when a lone Egret stopped by I whipped out the camera and took some pictures..

They are always so squeaky clean, that they draw your attention to how white they are.

(below) “I don’t know what deodorant that was but it sure isn’t working!”

oh.. and one lone Anhinga…

Later : late afternoon:  two young  Vultures came down for a drink from the pond and some shade.  I walked very close to them and they were “smallish” and too hot to fly away I guess:



It finally rained yesterday.. a lot! The pond looks flooded now.. I hope it goes down quickly as we are due for “regular downpours”.

Whelp, that’s it from the old folks Pond!…


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