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In Search of…

A trip to the Beach to get some shells for the “possible” faery house! (have to have many natural items to choose from !)

On my way to the beach on the boardwalk I noticed that the Sea Grapes were doing their thing. Most of the time they are just leaves but once a year they produce grape-like clusters.

… the wild cactus we also in bloom.!

At all times I kept an eye on the lifeguard building  so I would know where I came in!

The water on my feet felt good but the pickin’s were slim.

While I searched for small colorful shells, two black headed gulls landed near by.. one was nice and stood quietly while I snapped it’s picture.

…the other one never shut up!


when I got back home and spread them out ..this was all I managed to find.. I was fussy.. and of course they had to be small!

….heres a closer look at some

I did kinda like this sandstone though..

So that’s my findings for today….to be honest even with my feet in the water and the “seabreeze”…it was too hot to be outside! Trust me, I didn’t stay very long there. (it got to 95 but the weather said with the humidity it was more like 102. ..and to think, it’s only June!)


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