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I can’t stop looking at faery houses!!

Faery houses.. some you have seen.. some not.. all from the web.

the next is my favorite for “inside the home’


…then there is this one which is soooo fantastic I can’t stand it! lol

I love them so much I thought.. how hard can it be? (duh dumb.dumb.dumb.) So I thought I’d collect a few items to see..

I couldn’t get them out of my mind so I went to Michael’s.. (bad move) and back outside again..(better move) now my table looks like this…

… did I commit to trying this ? (not yet actually lol)

..or should be committed? It’s stupid to spend money and not know if you are serious going to give this a go or not 

..still not sure…. I, obviously have the beginnings to practice on but haven’t found just what I want yet.  Not that I have the slightest idea how to go about this anyway!!  And we won’t mention “space” to try this in this tiny apartment!!…

I need a straight jacket.

I would so much rather buy one! LOL.. but then I saw the prices..

however, after going to Michael’s and the Dollar Store I can honestly say.. I can see why the prices are so high, one could easily get carried away!! (ya think?!)


*double sigh*

……………………………………..damn faery’s !

I blame it all on this book I am reading: Faery Tale.  Now I want a Faery house. And more then ever I want to go to England!!!   

Maybe I will settle for the Faery house..if I’m lucky. I have some good stuff here..but I just don’t “see” the house yet.

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