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New, Used Books

The first two are used books are from sellers on Amazon.  I’ve wanted Spellwright (hoping it’s good) for some time but it wasn’t “top of the list” and it was pricey… as a used book it was “the right price” so I sent for it knowing  book2  is about to come out .

The second book should come as no surprise.  Cecil B. DeMille, another Biography by Simon Louvish.  It’s a great combination, movie celebrities and.  Mr Louvish.  He seems to know so much about old Hollywood that he makes the biographies come to life.

I really should stop going to the used books store!  Seriously, I go because I am hoping one day that some Wilke Collins books show up in hardback. I know I can get them in paperback but my eyes say hardback!

Lately I have been darn good and twice I walked out with no books!.. but not this time *groan*

First I found a beautiful copy of The Secret Garden put out by Hallmark. It even has a velveteen cover… 1.00 dollar. (and for the record The Secret Garden was on my Wish list!  *ka-ching!*)

Then I found one of the “collection of Pooh books” in pristine condition  or 1.00 !

I always look through their collection of Biographies and Autobiographies.  I like the older celebrities because there is always a lot of old Hollywood and studios in the backgrounds.  Unfortunately for my poor book shelves I found not one but two books!

Autobiography Jackie Cooper .. 1.00 dollar.  I loved Jackie Cooper.  I loved the fact he was a child star and made movies with other huge celebrities and then when he was an adult he even had his own television show called The People’s Choice. 

I can’t believe that as I looked up some information on Jackie I found out he just passed away this past May 3rd at the age of 88.  :o(

Talking to Myself… Pearl Bailey… 1.00 dollar.  Ahhh, Pearly Mae! I still remember early televisions appearances by Pear Bailey and her laid back attitude that always brought smiles to my face.  Not to mention she had a most fabulous voice, and was married to my favorite drummer of all time, Louie Bellson. 

There are no photo’s in the book on Pearl Bailey..or I’d show you a few… but there are some photo’s in Please Don’t Shoot my Dog .

Jackie was in the original Little Rascals…

… and made more than one movie with Wallace Beery

Interesting people for sure…

…and once again my tbr pile grows!

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