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Treasure Island

If I haven’t lost my mind I sure do a good impersonation of it!…

Once again I was at the used book store. I go there often but have gotten quite a bit better about bringing home too many books..at times even none!!! (raise the flag!)  But sometimes I wonder why I go there when I have way more then enough books at home.  I will admit, this time it was an excuse to get out of the apartment, and nothing more.

So, yesterday while at the used book store my hand touched this small (6 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches) book titled “Treasure Island”.. I have to say what flashed through my mind was not this small text book but the movie which has been made several times over many years.

The first one I ever saw was the one starring Wallace Berry and Jackie Cooper….  both were excellent in their portrayals.

Wallace Beery Wallace BeeryLong John Silver

Jackie Cooper Jackie CooperJim Hawkins

But the one I remember most was the 1950 Version starring Robert Newton and Bobby Driscoll.  (Newton went on to reprise the role for a television series)

Treasure Island Poster

And so when I picked this book up I heard  Robert Newton’s voice, “eh, young  ‘awkins”.. 

I think his voice stuck with me even more then Beery’s voice (though both are very distinct!) only because I had a number of years hearing Newton’s voice on the television as a Treasure Island series. 

And I said to myself, ” Too many years of seeing the movie… do I need this book?” 

I answered “no” and then, after noticing the books was for “school” I proceeded to carefully open the book anyway.

The first thing I saw sold me.. there was a photo of the author Robert Louis  Stevenson.

(closer view)

The next page had this preface on it… which I found very interesting..and is dated 1909.

…along with the publication date …

And then after a few other pages about this book being for school I turned a page and there was this map………and on the following page the story began……

Well.. what can I tell you?  As I explored the store more I must have found 5 more versions of the book… some for very young people and some not… still I held on to this tiny book, and as you suspect it came home with me.   I mean really… 1.00  .. I can’t even get a cup of coffee for that anymore!

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