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Meeting a Blogger!

I got to meet a fellow blogger, Animewookie!  She comments at my blog and some time ago I discovered that she is from NJ (which is where I was born and raised).  Anyway Kelly and her family were coming to Florida for a vacation and she asked if she could come to meet me.  heh..anyone fool enough to come here to the “old folks home” is more than welcome!

So she came!  And today (April 18th) is when we actually met!

It really is true how great it is to meet new people and make friendships that you never would have been able to had it not been for the Internet.  Yes, I know bad things happen from it too… but good things happen more often.. at least I hope so.

This case was a good thing!  We gabbed like we had known each other for some time, then we looked at stuff on the computer and we looked  at autographs and of course we talked about books!  Kelly even gave me a gift certificate from Books a Million! (like I need books huh Kelly?! lol but thank you, thank you just the same!)  As we discussed some books I remembered I had that huge Sherlock Holmes book I never read and was about to donate and brought it out with a few other hardbacks I was going to donate and as it happened… Kelly went home with all of them! LOL  I think we call this “book bonding” lol..

Later I took her out to the pond so she could fee this one Ibis that has made friends with my son Thom.  I didn’t know if he’d eat from her hand but sure enough the Florida Chicken (Ibis) came right to her!

I told her to hold the bread high and he’d fly up to take some and sure enough, that worked too!!

I never thought I’d say I was glad an Ibis was around (piggies that they are) but this time I was glad so that she got to meet a bird from the pond.  We spotted a soft shelled turtle too but unfortunately, not much was around today.

It was great meeting a fellow blogger!  First person I’ve met from the computer in many a year.  I have met others long ago and everyone I’ve met has been super nice.

Thanks again for coming !  I totally enjoyed our visit!!!

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