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Having just added 3 more books!… (my bookshelves are sagging!)

I went to the used book store.. *slaps hand, “stop that!”..

As you can see I purchased a hardback copy of Bleak House by Charles Dickens for 1.00.  Then I found The Works of Conan Doyle for 4.00 which was published in 1953..note the double columns of writing…and when I came home Wildthorn was waiting for me from Amazon.. along with the last Harry Potter movie!

…note that the Doyle book is written in Columns! (1953 Edition)

Here’s the full TBR list of books I had to have!…(actually the other 10 I wrote about in the other post are on this list too)

1. 20th Century Ghosts- tpb- Joe Hill

2. A Bright Particular Star-hb- Michael Coveney

3. A Love Story – George Burns

4. Against All Things Ending-hb- Stephen R Donaldson

5. Alice I have Been-hb- Melanie Benjamin

6. All Creatures Great and Small-pb- James Herriot

7. Amber and Ashes –hb- Margaret Weis

8. Amber and Blood -hb- Margaret Weis

9. Amber and Iron –hb- Margaret Weis

10. American Prince: A Memoir-hb- Tony Curtis

11. Atonement-hb- Ian McEwan

12. Beautiful Creatures hb- Kami Garcia

13. Beyond Uhura-hb- Nichelle Nichols

14. Bing Crosby- hb-Gary Giddins

15. Bleakhouse –hb- Charles Dickens

16. Blessings in Disguise – Alec Guinness

17. Bones of the Dragon-hb- Weis & Hickman

18. Book of Ebenezer Le Page-hb- GB Edwards

19. Bring on the Empty Horses-hb- David Niven

20. Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style- hb-Richard Torregrossa

21. Christmas Chronicles-tpb- Jeff Quinn

22. Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild _pb- David Stenn

23. David Copperfield –pb- Charles Dickens

24. Dragons: Worlds Afire –pb- RA Salvatore

25. East- tpb- Edith Pattou

26. Elizabeth –hb- J Randy Taraborrelli

27. Faery Tale-hb- Signe Pike

28. Folly-tpb- Laurie R King

29. Great Expectations-hb- charles Dickens

30. Greenwitch –pb- Susan Cooper

31. Grimpow –hb- Raphael Abalos

32. Helen Keller-tpb- Dorothy Herrmann

33. Hemmingway-hb- James R Mellow

34. Her Fearful Symmetry –sb- Audrey Niffenegger

35. Hide and Seek with Angels: A Life of JM Barrie-hb- Lisa Chaney

36. Hood -hb- Stephen R Lawhead

37. I Am Spock –hb- Leonard Nimoy

38. I Am the Messenger –pb- Markus Zusak

39. Ice Land: A Novel-pb- Betsy Tobin

40. In His Majesty’s Service- tpb- Naomi Novik (3 bks in 1)

41. In Search of John Ford     -hb- Joseph McBride

42. In the Cities of Coin and Spice- tpb- Catherynne M Valente

43. In the Garden of Good & Evil-hb- John Berendt

44. Jack: The Great Seducer –hb- Edward Douglas

45. Jarka Ruus -tpb- Terry Brooks

46. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell   –hb- Suzanna Clarke

47. Kate Remembered- A Scott Berg

48. Kept –hb- D J Taylor

49. Keystone:The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennet –hb- Simon Louvish

50. Labyrinth -hb- Kate Mosse

51. Legends –hb- multiple authors edited by Robert Silverberg

52. Legends II –hb- Robert silverberg

53. Little Lord Fauntleroy-hb- Francis Hodgson Burnett

54. Little Women –hb- Louisa May Alcott

55. Madame Bovary-hb- Gustave Flaubert

56. Magnificent Desolation –hb- Buzz Aldrin

57. Middlesex-pb- Jeffrey Eugenides

58. Mina-tpb- Marie Kiraly

59. Misfortune-hb- Wesley Stace

60. Murder on the Orient Express- Agatha Christie

61. Mystic Empire -hb- Tracy Hickman

62. Mystic Quest -hb- Tracy Hickman

63. Mystic Warrior -hb- Tracy Hickman

64. Narnia (all)-tpb- c s Lewis

65. Notes of a Cowardly Lion-hb- John Lahr

66. Oliver Twist –hb – Charles dickens

67. On Folly Beach –pb- Karen White

68. One Womans Search for Enchantment in a Modern World-hb- Signe Pike

69. Oracles of Delphi Keep –hb- Victoria Laurie

70. Over Sea, Under Stone –pb- Susan Cooper

71. Pathway to the Gods-hb- Erich von Daniken

72. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (1-3) pb- Rick Riordan

73. Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood -pb- Eileen Whitfield

74. Pickwick Papers-hb- Charles Dickens

75. Pillars of the Earth-pb Ken Follett

76. Remarkable Creatures-hb- Tracy Chevalier

77. Robin Willians – Andy Dougan

78. Scarlet (king Raven Trilogy, bk 2) –hb- Stephen R Lawhead

79. Secret of the Dragon –hb- Margaret weis

80. Seven Percent Solution-hb-Nicholas Meyer

81. Silver on the Tree –pb- Susan Cooper

82. Space-hb- James A Michener

83. Star Trek Memories-hb- William Shatner

84. Stephen Frye in America -hb- Stephen Frye

85. Straken -tpb- Terry Brooks

86. Tale of Two Cities-hb- Charles Dickens

87. Tanequil -tpb- Terry Brooks

88. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes –hb- Conan Doyle

89. The Anatomy of Ghosts -hb- Andrew Taylor

90. The Anatomy of Ghosts-hb- Andrew Taylor

91. The Black Jewels: Tilogy –pb- Anne Bishop

92. The Bone Magician –hb- F E Higgins

93. The Book of Ebenezer Le Page -hb- E G Edwards

94. The Book Thief-pb-Mark Zusak

95. The Bronte Myth- hb- Lucasta Miller

96. The Childrens Book –hb- A.S Byatt

97. The Crimson Petal-hb- Richard Torregrossa

98. The Dark is Rising –pb- Susan Cooper

99. The Diamond Throne –hb- David Eddings

100. The Druid of Shannara-hb- Terry Brooks

101. The Egg and I –hb- Betty MacDonald

102. The Elf Queen of Shannara-hb- Terry Brooks

103. The Forest-hb- Edward Rutherfurd

104. The Grey King –pb- Susan Cooper

105. The Grimm Legacy-hb- Polly Shulman

106. The Hound of Rowan –hb- Henry H Neff

107. The Incomparable Rex –hb- Patrick Garland

108. The Keep- pb – Jennifer Egan

109. The King’s General-sb- Daphne DuMaurier

110. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Other Tales-hb- Washington Irving

111. The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia-hb- Laura Miller

112. The Magicians and Mrs Quent -hb- Galen M Beckett

113. The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories-hb- Richard Dalby

114. The Merchant Prince-hb- Armin Shimerman, Michael Scott

115. The Moonstone-pb- Wilke Collins

116. The Name of the Wind   -hb- Patrick Rothfuss

117. The Orphans Tales –tpb- Catherynne M Valente

118. The Ragman’s Son-hb- Kirk Douglas

119. The Return of Sherlock Holmes –hb- Conan Doyle

120. The Ruby Knight –hb- David Eddings

121. The Sapphire Rose –hb- David Eddings

122. The Scarlet Letter-hb- Nathaniel Hawthorne

123. The Scions of Shannara-hb- Terry Brooks

124. The Second Siege –hb- Henry H Neff

125. The Small House at Allington-hb- Anthony Trollope

126. The Spell of Mary Stewart-hb- Mary Stewart

127. The Star Machine-hb- Jeanine Basinger

128. The Talismans of Shannara-hb- Terry Brooks

129. The Terror –hb- dan simmons

130. The Three Musketeers-hb- Alexandre Dumas

131. The way of the Wizard-pb- John Joseph Adams

132. The Winter Sea-hb- Susanna Kearsley

133. The Wise Man’s Fear-hb-Patrick Rothfuss

134. The Works of A. Conan Doyle –hb- Conan Doyle

135. Too Far from Home –hb- Chris Jones

136. Tuck –hb- Stephen R Lawhead

137. Walt Disney- tpb- Neal Gabler

138. Watership Down-pb- Richard Adams

139. We Seven -pb- the Astronauts

140. Welcome to the World Little Girl-hb- Fannie Flagg

141. Where Have I Been-hb- Sid Ceasar

142. Wildthorn -hb- Jane Eagland


Ok I think I’ve covered it all now…

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