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Well here’s a movie I watched that fits for OUaT…

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows…  actually, it would almost fit RIP more ! lol.. this was a dark, dark, dark, movie!  Plenty of action and, as per the title… even death! (*que the twilight theme*)

I didn’t get to see this in the movie theater so I was glad when it arrived in the mail from good ol’ Amazon.

I wondered, since I read the books so long ago if I’d know what was going on, and surprisingly I had no problem following it.  I did miss Dumbledor and there was almost no Hagrid or Snape and no Maggie Smith at all  .  Wow.. I am pouting even now!

..this 2 parter is more about the 3 kids, all of them constantly in deep deep trouble as they run trying to figure out how they can find and eliminate the Horcruxes…

Along the way there’s fast adventure, and tender moments intermittent.  Good and bad.  Happy and Sad… it’s all in this movie and when it ends you KNOW that “there’s more to come”!

For some reason or another (just don’t know) I felt a lot more disconnected to the movie. It just didn’t hit me that I was watching old friends in peril .  In this particular case..the book was better. Maybe because I took breaks that it didn’t feel as dark as it looked on the screen.

But if you as me will I miss Harry Potter and the whole supporting case once the last movie is released.. the answer will still be yes.

Wonderful characters that we saw grow up in front of our eyes, with the best “supporting cast” in many a year for any movie.  I already miss Dumbledor, and love McGonagall and Hagrid and Snape.  I had the pleasure of meeting Warwick Davis once so I was always happy to see them use in the movie (professor Flitwick/goblin/).  And the guest stars for each movie were always cast well:  re: Gary Oldman as Sirius / David Thewlis as Prof. Lupin/  Brendan Gleeson as Mad-eye Moody… just to name a few.

Does anyone realize that the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001 ?!! And here we are about to finish them up in 2011.  Amazing. Simply Amazing.

I can’t say I was thrilled with the movie, like the others, but I wouldn’t have missed it..nor the last part that opens here in July.

I will miss them all.  (especially Rupert Grint, who had the funniest lines in all the movies!  …”why did it have to be spiders?  Why couldn’t it have been, follow the butterflies?”…admit it you’re smiling! :o)   )

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