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I saw a post named the Top 10 Books that I absolutely had to have , ..but still haven’t read, over at Telecommuter Talk. a while back.  I immediately cracked up because I have about 140 of those same sort of books! So I went in search of: 10 books.

Right. Like I expect to be able to do “just 10” .  If it were that easy I’d only have a tbr pile of 10 lol… ok here we go: (in no particular order and sticking to the rules of 10)


  1.  Hide and Seek: the Life of J.M Barrie by Lisa Chaney

  Ever since reading “Neverland” I became more interested in JM Barrie’s life.  I hope to get to this soon.. but then I feel this way about all my books in my tbr pile.

  2. Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

   This one seems to high on everyone’s list. Along with the second book.

   3.Notes of a Cowardly Lion by John Lahr

    I like Biographies of the stars gone by.  I think I can blame that on Simon Louvish for bringing to life many stars and also what life was like when movies were in their infancy.

   4. The Terror by Dan Simmons

  What can I say?  Dan Simmons wrote Drood !  That should say why I’d want to read a second book by him.

   5. Seven Percent Solution by Nicholas Meyer

   Although I have seen the movie with the same name..  I want to read this because I have met Nicholas Meyer, as a director and seen the movies he’s directed and read other books by him.. so it’s sort, kinda, a “personal connection thing”.

   6. The Moonstone by Wilke Collins

   Once again I blame Dan Simmons for writing such a good and interesting book in Drood.

   7. The Childrens Book by A S  Byatt

   What if I said I don’t even remember why on this one??? lol

    8- 9-&   10. Hood/ Scarlet & Tuck by Stephen R Lawhead.

   I bought this trilogy when it was first out thinking that when I want a little change that reading books that harbor around Robin Hood couldn’t be all bad right?.. right.

Of course you realize I could do this sort of post everyday for 140 books worth right?  I thought so.

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