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My    30 cent plus shipping hard back book of The White Dragon arrived today!!  

So… who didn’t hear me scream when the postman came????

First, .. I am very pleased at what I got for the price!!  It’s not perfect but it’s not horribly bad either!  (I used pledge on the cover and it helped clean it up a bit lol)

I am now the very proud owner of The White Dragon in a hard back version!!!  I dare you to go to ebay or anywhere and try pricing the original trilogy (Dragonflight, DragonQuest, & The White Dragon) and be prepared to have your jaw drop to the floor!

So once I inspected it for myself I took it into the bookcase holding all the other Pern books and introduced it to them.. it is it’s future home ya know.

Then My book met my Bookwyrms! 

(they danced with delight)

and lastly… my book met it’s namesake, BabyRuth. (no not the candybar!)

I could tell that BabyRuth was impressed!

Ruth just couldn’t keep his hands off of the book. (yes, you read that right.. Ruth, the White Dragon is a male, so that makes Jr. a male too!)

As you see I went crazy taking photo’s of the book, finding it hard to believe that I actually own this one in hardback!!!   I found a “new” one for 49.99 on amazon and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am really, really tempted. (that’s one of the bad, bad things about a charge card!.. and that wouldn’t be bad if I had an “income” heh… )  I bookmarked the page with the “new” one … only one is 49.99 then it jumps up to over 100.00 and even over 200.00!.. maybe now you see why I am so thrilled at my “not so new” copy for a total of 4.30!

I just love Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books above all other books!.. I am also cringing to know (unless she cancels) she will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta Ga in September!  She had either a heart attack or stroke a year or so back so I am shocked she is signed to appear there.   Now ask me how much I’d like her autograph on my “hardback”… go ahead, ask!  Well, no don’t do that, I might have to answer lol.. or I might have to spend the 49.99 to get a new one for her to sign!!

Sheesh.. nothing wrong with dreamin’ is there?!

If someone said, “you can have all three books in hardback or… have Anne McCaffrey sign the one you have, what would I do?”

*hangs head* I’d want the trilogy in hardback! .. but, I’ll be totally honest, I have her signature on a paperback  “Dolphins of Pern”.. :o)

Ok.. enough gushing…I really need to delete that bookmark to the “new” copy lol…

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