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About 5 days, or rather nights, ago the frogs all found the pond and were singing for a mate.  Actually, that lasted all night.. all day.. and all the next night.

Well, I guess they all found ready and willing mates because all along the edge of the pond I spotted a gazillion tadpoles!  note all the little black dots with tails!

  amazing … simply, amazing.  In less than a week there will be millions of tiny frogs all over the place.. no bigger than these tadpoles but with legs !

I started this post 3 days ago.. last night the frogs were at it again! The noise was so loud you were lucky to get to sleep!! (that was one bunch of happy frogs! lol)

Night & Day…

…early morn’…

…the visitors very early in the morning

(small heron in breeding colors..note the beak!)

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