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Well, we’ve gone from this photo, 3 days ago….

…to this..

…and the degrees keep going UP.  Summer is about here in southern Florida.  Soon we will be totally closed up and living in air conditioning.  I am happy that for a few more days, at least, I can still have my window open at night but that has gone from the high 60’s and jumped up to the mid 70’s also… :o(

For the few of you who aren’t on Tumblr or Facebook.. I’ve had some luck with an Egret that comes around.  She/ he seems to do some good posing for me.

( like getting early morning shots before the fountain goes on..it gives me nice reflections!)

As for books.. 

oh! did I say that word again?!  *heh*

Ok so I’m ending up the “great buys” and the end of the gift certificate.

I’ve had the first 2 Terry Brooks books to “the Heritage of Shannara” in the form of 1 big book for some time now.  I kept expecting the last 2 to come out the same way (together in one book) but that wasn’t happening so I found 2 good used copies at Alibris for 99 cents each (plus postage unfortunately) but they are in excellent condition.  Then I purchased the Faery Tale book with the last of my gift cert. so  it cost me one dollar and three cents. :o)  And last but not least when I took my son Thom to the used book store I found this very large, in very good condition biography of Hemingway for.. you guessed it: 1.00. 

Part of me smiles largely at buys like this but my few book shelves keep groaning under the pressure and one shelf is even bowed now. *gulp*.. and yet…………….  and yet……………….

I wait for ONE MORE BOOK.

The cream of the crop, if it’s in the condition they say it’s in!! 

I Found a hard back copy of “The White Dragon” by Anne McCaffrey… for…

are you on the edge of your seat waiting?… 




I wrote the seller and asked if it had the paper cover and they said yes.  I’ve got my fingers crossed!  I know I will never afford the first two books in hardback but if this one is “good” I will be as thrilled as when I found the Maggie Smith book!!  I certainly hope it has the Michael Whelan cover!!!  I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t!  It was listed as “in very good condition”…

So.. if you are my friend……..

fall to your knees and cross your fingers for me! lol 

of course I will take a photo and post it as soon as it gets here.


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