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"Next Door"

In the lot next door to the entrance where I live, they have begun some clearing.  I think, in the long run (2 yrs) it is to be a “nature trail”… but don’t quote me just yet.

Anyway, I find as they clear there are many very old “Live Oak” trees just filled with Spanish moss which I find very attractive to look at.

I can’t help but think that some gigantic furry beast walked by and the trees caught the fur as it passed .  (I think I’ve read too many fantasy book lol)

And then at times I look up and feel as if I am in a swamp!  I’m certainly not far from one and there are plenty of snakes and ‘gators in the area!

I think these trees would make a great movie set don’t you?!

(below: there’s that hairy beast again lol)

It’s just a shame that the trees are so old.  I am wondering if they will leave them.

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