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Unwanted Guest?

Today is the day of Jonathan Seagull and Gre-be Coot!

I walked the mile walk today around the pond 5 times which wasn’t easy but that’s another story. I noticed “Jonathan Seagull” hanging around, all by himself.. just resting…watching….wondering…

After my walk I went and grabbed the camera… and bread of course!  This got Jonathan Seagulls attention (and the dang Ibis too)

My little Gre-be figured food was around and did his slinky swim over near me..

He does the “low head” swim when he doesn’t want to be seen. (yeah right Gre-be!)


But, Jonathan took notice…

….he scoped out Gre-be but was more interested in food!

..Jonathan let the Greb-be know he meant business!

…then ignored him.

But Gre-be got the last word in!       That’s m’boy!!

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