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Black & White

I have to admit that I have been “accused” of liking the colors black and white since I wear so much of it ..heh.. so.. it’s true and lately I’ve found it the same with the birds at the pond.

My newest “crush” is “Gre-be”, that’s his name.. actually he’s a Coot, but at first he was thought to be a Grebe.

Gre-be will come when called but still won’t come close enough to eat the bread from my hand.  He’s very hesitant, and he waits just long enough that the “piggy Ibis” come by and push him out of the way.

But I adore him.  He lowers his head when the Moorhens come around “giving way to them” (and still one insists on chasing him). and he has the funniest feet!

They are greenish like the Moorhens but he has a slight webbing around each individual toe to help him be a good swimmer.

People say that his body looks like a Cornish Hen,… if he goes missing I will suspect someone tasted him!

If you look hard you can see the slight skin around each toe.

This is Gre-be pretending he’s comfortable around people and stretching his leg and wing.

Today the “white” of black and white, came by.. the Egret.

And I do love how snowy white they are!  So gorgeous.

When he stretches his neck like this I can’t help but think: “up periscope”!

They are all long necks and tall legs… (and beautiful white feathers)


I take way too many pictures of the Egret.. sorry ’bout that.

It’s still sparse of birds around here but I’m sure there will be plenty of baby Moorhens starting in March or April !!

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