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Summer in February

The past 3 days it’s felt like summer is here already…(I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain when so many are freezing..but it’s bad either way, TO cold or TO hot!)

Anyway the seagulls think they’ve found a new “sucker” to feed them and have continued to return to the pond..

..the softshelled turtle who only suns himself in the summer poked his head up and came out for the sun..

“ahhhh, sunshine and heat!”

Then, not one..

..not two..

..but 3 woodstorks came by..

“ugh..whada mess!”..

..”Oh who cares!..”

“Well, I don’t care!”

“Do we look like we care?”..

“oh gimme a break..”

And after the woodstorks left I noticed last years Geranium also thinks it’s summer!

But the Pond is always the Pond.  And sometimes the day at the Pond ends like this:

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