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It’s bad for old ladies to get bored.

For one thing they go around taking photo’s of  “anything”, including their computer area where I sit and compute…


Then they do close ups to see the plants.. like anyone really cares!

..then they get really stupid and go to the used books store!

I had all great intentions!  I finally made a written list of books I want, including some I have in paperback hoping to get a  hardback in decent condition without paying much..

I REALLY thought I could do this!  Ha!

Ha, Ha even!

Ok, this is where you ask me if I found any on the list (long list by the way)…

nope. not a one.   Still hoping to find hardbacks of Stan and Ollie and Chariots of the Gods both of which I have paperbacks but we know how well I can read paperbacks!! not!

So.. did I walk out when I couldn’t find any and come home holding my head high that I didn’t add to my *to be read* list?



in your dreams.. or is that, in MY dreams?

Oh well.. I didn’t leave empty handed.  I spent $4.00.  And that’s the only good thing I can say!!

So there we have it.. now I have 125 books in my tbr pile dammit~!

The first book which is hard to read the title is “The Egg and I”…when I saw the title I started smiling.  I remember the old 1947 movie with Ma and Pa Kettle of the same name!  (It also starred Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.)

  I loved the Ma and Pa Kettle movies so for $1.00 I got the 1945 print of the book by Betty MacDonald. (cool beans!)

Then I spotted a Daphne DuMaurier book.. can’t go wrong with her so I scooped it up.

Her Fearful Symmetry was a whim.  Unlike everyone else I was not fond of the Time Travelers Wife but many reviews of this one sounded much better.

Then for $1.00 again, is The Spell of Mary Stewart, with three full stories she wrote that I haven’t read, but the ones I have read by her I’ve liked.  This book contains, This Rough Magic,  The Ivy Tree, and Wildfire at Midnight.

The last one is another of Shatners books..it will most likely be in the tbr pile for some time but for .50 cents I took it. 

Man, I have GOT to stop doing this!!!!

I read one book from the pile and get 5 more… this is NOT how it’s supposed to work !!!  ARGHHHH !

I’d better stop now.. I have to go list them on my tbr list  *groan*  ..till next time……..

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