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At the Pond

Yesterday I looked out and saw both the Heron and the Egret right in front of my apartment… I knew if I went outside they would fly away

so these two photos are taken thru my glass sliding doors.. not the best but at least it’s a picture.

Today I saw the Anhinga was back.. I love looking out now and then and just spotting her neck and head out of the water.  I guess I will never get used to the fact that this bird swims underwater so much.


This is a long shot.. trying to let you see a group of the family.  Here are 4 babies, 2 teenagers and one parent.


After I fed them Papa came out for a stretch and a break from all the kids!

As I looked up I saw the Egret coming in for a landing.  He surprised me and landed in the tree rather than on the ground, so I quick took a few snaps..

such a graceful bird.

And I leave you with this shot…

… and what is this?  Sharks in the Pond????


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