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Two Surprises !!

Surprise # 1:  I noticed buzzards off in the distance on a tree, I usually only see them flying or drinking at the pond..

BIG surprise # 2: Mama Moorhen came charging at me when I went outside  so I ran inside and grabbed a piece of  bread..

I held out the bread and she came right up and took two or three bites at it.  Her older babies are still around the pond, then I saw her swim over to “Gilligans Island”.. and low and behold … there are 6 (best count I could do) new babies!!

These shots are a huge surprise ! As you can see, the older babies are with the new ones and generally the parents run them off before they have a new batch of babies!  (note the older babies don’t have the red on the beak)

So here you see 2 generations of Moorhens!

The above picture is too cute seeing the baby look up to it’s older brother or sister!..

It’s difficult to get a good clear picture just yet but it won’t be long before they are going around the pond with babies in tow.

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