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Park & Pond

 Continuing on from the Pelicans  I thought I would post a few other photos from the Park.. the first is the bridge we cross over from the “mainland” to Hutchinson Island..


The first place we walked to was a dedication to our Vets…

I thought the photo below was nicely done.

Then we walked about an Art Museum.. inside you are not allowed to take pictures but I did take a photo of this fountain just outside.

The park is noted for the Live Oak trees, but to be honest the park has become so Manicured that there are fewer trees then expected.. I did however love the split rail fence around some areas..

Looking out at the Indian River were some nice stones

Over near where we ate there were many boats “parked”.. I thought this one so colorful I took a picture of it..

In front of the “old folks home” where I live are some very old (figures huh?!) Live Oaks covered with Spanish Moss… it looks so southern! lol

back at “home” Tom went to feed the Moorhens when he got invaded by the black birds and their young.  They’d come fairly close but not close enough to take bread from his hand.

And now a story..

One that does have a happy ending!

A few days ago, while inside watching television, we heard some gawd awful noise and as I looked towards the pond I saw Mama Moorhen flying/ running after something a bit larger.. then it struck me what I had seen!

A hawk had taken one of the babies and Mama was chasing it!

I ran outside and sure enough the hawk had landed on the grass and had one of the babies!  I ran towards it hoping it would take off while dropping the baby!.. it did not!.. it took off WITH the baby.  I followed it until I no longer saw it and came back.  Mama Moorhen had the other 3 babies by here and she was talking up a storm.!  I went near her and she came towards me somewhat squawking like mad.  I felt so bad for her!  Tom and I both felt very sad, and went to search one more time in case the baby got dropped but to no avail..

This morning Tom went out with bread and what did we find?  ALL 4 babies!!!  It must have gotten dropped and found it’s way back over night!  We were so happy we were grinning from ear to ear!

The photo below is the “straggler” baby that often is by its self and the one the think might have been the one the hawk had..

A little ruffled but all the babies seem fine!!

We had our own Once Upon a Time happy ending!!!



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