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Two Surprises !!

Surprise # 1:  I noticed buzzards off in the distance on a tree, I usually only see them flying or drinking at the pond..

BIG surprise # 2: Mama Moorhen came charging at me when I went outside  so I ran inside and grabbed a piece of  bread..

I held out the bread and she came right up and took two or three bites at it.  Her older babies are still around the pond, then I saw her swim over to “Gilligans Island”.. and low and behold … there are 6 (best count I could do) new babies!!

These shots are a huge surprise ! As you can see, the older babies are with the new ones and generally the parents run them off before they have a new batch of babies!  (note the older babies don’t have the red on the beak)

So here you see 2 generations of Moorhens!

The above picture is too cute seeing the baby look up to it’s older brother or sister!..

It’s difficult to get a good clear picture just yet but it won’t be long before they are going around the pond with babies in tow.


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Evening after major storms…


… the Moon, the next morning at 5 am..

Later in the day.. visitors at the Pond..

The Heron was hiding in the reeds..

and the Muscovey Duck paid us a visit..

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Faery Rebels

 Faery Rebels : Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (April 28, 2009)
ISBN-10: 006155474X

From School Library Journal

The faery world is crumbling. During a disaster called the Sundering, these small, fragile, winged creatures lost all of their magic save that which allows them to fly, and they live inside a great oak tree, fearful of people and animals. True friendship and love are foreign to them. Worse, they are falling victim to a kind of dementia they call the Silence, and are dying. Into this picture comes Knife: tough, brave, adventurous, and soon taking on the job of Queen’s Hunter. While defending herself against an attacking crow, she is rescued and taken home by a human. Knife becomes convinced that the mystery of their lost magic and the dementia are connected to the faeries’ fear of humans and becomes committed to saving her community. The heart of the book lies in the relationship that develops between Knife and the human Paul, who is a paraplegic. Anderson draws on echoes from countless fairy tales and legends about the relationships between human men and faerie women to enrich this gripping and involving story. While the main characters are vividly drawn, some of the secondary characters and background story are sketched more hastily.

What an absolute delightful surprise this book was!

Yes it is yet another YA book, very well written, with what sounded like a lot of research into stories that concerned humans and faeries.

I adore this book.

We watch the main character, Knife, grow up in the Oak Tree always wanting to leave and see the world beyond.  The Queen who works hard to keep her subjects safe, and a few other faeries that become close to Knife as she grows.

Then there is Paul… the human! (horror! haha) We first meet him briefly, as a very young lad, and then some years later in a wheelchair. 

One of the things that kept putting a smirk on my face is that his name is Paul McCormick.  McCormick is my maiden name!  (later on the cover I read that the author RJ Anderson was schooled in New Jersey (where I am originally from)… however, much as I hate to admit this.. I never came across a single winged faery while living there.

This is a story of the Faeries survival.  It is also a story of dreams coming true and of finding love in the strangest places.

The book title seemed to tell me there might be a sequel but it has a very definite ending.

It is a very fast read, and quite enjoyable. Perfect for when you don’t think you will have a lot of time to read but want something light and enjoyable.

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….look what came in the mail!

..oh yeah! .. oh yeah!…

I won’t be doing a whole lot or reading for a bit! (some, just not a whole lot).  (All 14 episodes of Firefly are on sale at Amazon for 19.99!)

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I Give Up

 I was out and about today with my girlfriend.  We hit 2 to many stores! One was a thrift shop, so that was ok.. there I got the Mary Stewart book, The Prince and the Pilgrim for .50 cents. (can’t pass that up!) Then we went to a children’s books store where my girlfriend gets puzzles.    There I found The Dracula Dossier by James Reese (regular price 14.95 but on sale for 5.98) and a little book called The Fantasy Art Bible.(not on sale for 12.99)  ..sigh.

I am seriously wondering if the size of my tbr is not part of my depression now and why my reading is suffering.  ..and no I’m not joking, so I have to try to stay away from books stores and thrift shops ..but at my age there isn’t much else…I give up.

Ok ’nuff of that  here’s a picture of the books  and since I already read most in the Fantasy Art Bible the information on it from Amazon..

The Fantasy Art Bible edited by Jane Moseley & Jackie Strachan.

Spiral-bound: 192 pages
Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc.; Spi edition (September 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0785825525

(below.left) artist: Janny Wurts  (also an author of a number of Fantasy books)                                         (right) artist:  Bob Hobbs

(below) by artist: Jonathon Earl Bowser

(below) artist: Heather Hudson

(below) artist: Kajsa Flinkfeldt

(below) artist: Marc Potts

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 The Time Quake is my third book for Quest the First. (Having already finished The Journey)

The Time Quake by Linda Buckley-Archer

Hardcover: 464 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing (October 6, 2009)
ISBN-10: 141691529X


From Booklist

Readers familiar with Kate, Peter, and Gideon from The Time Travelers (Gideon the Catpurse 2006) and The Time Thief (2007) will happily find that their exciting adventures continue. While greedy Lord Luxon tries to change history by having the British defeat the Americans in 1776, Gideon and the children must overcome obstacles to retrieve the one remaining time machine to stop the quakes and set history aright. In this conclusion of the Gideon trilogy, Buckley-Archer presents a satisfying, yet rather abrupt, neatly packaged conclusion

Taa Daa!… I finished the trilogy!

Book 3 seems to have more history facts then in the other two books, and I found that the author curled the story around it very nicely!  These books would be good for someone to read who wanted some light reading for a Historical Challenge!

Overall the books were very enjoyable. They weren’t the kind I couldn’t put down (but the past number of months none have been, it’s ME not the books!) but I still did enjoy them.  Normally, I am not a fan of Time Travel books, but on the rare occasion I’ve read a few that suited me, this would be one of them… not too much to overwhelm me!

The characters got separated, so some were in the present and some in the past but the author wrote well enough not to confuse this rattled brain.  When we follow Lord Luxon we get to see Washington crossing over into New Jersey, and he decides he will dispose of Washington and by doing so he will change history .  Not a thought I’d like to ponder!

We also find out in book three that the good man Gideon, who has been helping the children all along has a not so nice brother who he thought was dead. (a little intrigue going on ).

I would say the books were quite enjoyable.  They are YA books and would make excellent read out loud to the kids books.

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Can I have my own Dragon paaaaahleeeeze?!

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