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Odds & Ends

I put this first picture on facebook.

I looked in a fish tank and what did I see?

A tiny seahorse looking back at me!


.. another little tank had turtles.. the kind we all had when we were young… I never knew they could grow so big!


… a lone Seagull.  (but it looks as if many other seagulls have visited that spot at one time or another… ahem.)

.. a beautiful Sailfish statue near a marina.  I was surprised that there wasn’t any sort of plaque on it..not even the name of the artist.

It was a cloudy day.. still cool but not “cold”… today will be warmer yet but as I look outside it looks like rain is on it’s way.

I’ve been reading..but slowly.. but that’s because I’m crocheting yet again!  Lots of times I just don’t want to think, and crocheting is just the thing.. all one needs to do is count.

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