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January Morn’

Dawn :  January 12, 2010. 

It’s cold this morning, but not as cold as it has been…  and by the weekend we will have gone for the 20s and 30s to the 80s again.

You won’t hear me complain about the cold down here since one thing I do know is it is short lived.  I might complain if  “spring and fall” lasted longer then 2 or 3 weeks but it seems we go hot to cold and back again overnight here.. no real seasons to speak of.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am like everyone else… I get way too hot ,to the point I sit and don’t move so that I don’t sweat,  and do feel too cold at times… and if “winter” lasted here as long as it does up north, well then.. it would be different.

It seems that Boo has been enjoying the colder weather too…

Boo has been very active during the colder weather.. he jumps around and plays with his mouse like he was a kitten!

I didn’t know what to expect about the birds around the pond during winter and this winter shows that most of them must go even further south!   So it’s quiet around the pond these days.  Even the Gator disappeared!

Today was a day I needed comfort food.. so I made myself a pancake.  Just one mind you….

ok.. so I neglected to tell you that although I only make ONE pancake.. it just happens to barely fit in a plate.    I like Land O Lakes Spread and cinnamon sugar on top…but only because I can’t have vanilla ice cream on it..heh.

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