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My girlfriend took me out today.

I needed to get out, I  haven’t been away from the apartment (except for the chiropractor) since Christmas.

I knew she was taking me food shopping but once in her truck I asked if we were going anywhere else.  And then she said those fateful word, ” I need to stop at Borders”.  I cringed.  I know they are going out of business and would have some good deals but I really didn’t want to buy any more books.. I need to save any buying for the few books that will come out during the year that go to series of books I am reading.  I guess I didn’t sigh loud enough.. before we food shopped we were at the mall at Borders….

Generally when a book store closes and has great sales I find nothing! I was hoping this would be the case.  But this time I actually found 3 books!  (I don’t buy unless I know I’ve been wanting it) Borders here in Vero is closing.. 60% off list price.

Actually I bought Mere Anarchy  for my Trekkie son…Great art on the cover… for some reason most artists have a difficult time painting DeForest but this one did very well indeed!!!  Artwork by : Alan Dingman (576 pgs)

ah well.. now I really can’t go to amazon for this month!  And hoping I can stay away a few months until a series book comes out.  Wish me luck.

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