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Here’s a new bird to the Pond.. it looks like another sort of Heron but I don’t know for sure.  My sister in law (also named Pat Neal hehe) is sending me a book on Florida Birds.. maybe I can find some of these!

Look at the concentration on his face!

..this bird has a lot more white feathers than the other Heron.

…his back was to me during the “attack”.. beautiful wings!

..and now the prize, as he carries it to dry land!

..and lastly, a cropped close up to see the prized possession!

I’m sorry to keep doing photo’s like this.. you’d think I sit all day looking at the pond but the truth is I look out the door only a few times a day as I pass it!  If I see a bird out by the pond I grab my camera and watch for 5 minutes.. then I get bored if they are playing statue and leave.   Like I said on the other post, you’ve met all the “regulars” so unless something “different” is happening, or a new fellow drops by (like this one) I will try not to post so many pictures….. but as long as there are happenings, well.. you are going to get pictures!  Soon, after I get the book from my sister in law, I will do a “wrap up post” and put a small picture with the type of bird they are next to it… I hope.  We’ll see!


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