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Pond Gossip

 When I looked out the other day Mama was giving her baby a good scolding!  (baby looks like he’s hanging his head in shame lol)

The Egret was back too.. he was slow and steady as always and in search of some fish I am sure.  At times he really stretches his neck out to see clear across the pond~

These birds come and go and at times I can look out and see no birds at all… but then a mullet jumps out of the water really high, like someone shot it out with a sling shot!  So if there are no birds and the water is calm.. eventually a fish jumps or a bird returns.

I hope I haven’t bored anyone to death with the photo’s.. I have been extremely busy and brain dead.. and very depressed and this is the most I can do and I do it because it makes me focus even if just for a few minutes.

I really have missed out Mr Linkey in connection with Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge.. it has always been so great to have several blogs to go to each morning to read reviews (and add to the old wish list) It’s put a big damper on the Challenge.  I just can’t believe they haven’t fixed it, at least to the point of clicking the second link and getting to add to and read the list.  Have you all noticed that some have begun leaving links in the comment area??  Check it out there are a few reviews to be read at least.


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