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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting.. haven’t even been catching up on my blog reading!  This is taking longer than I want it to… mostly because I am very fatigued now.  My brain is not functioning well … so I am going to post a few shots here… just so I can post. 

This first one is looking out my glass sliding doors early in the morning before they put the “fountain” on in the lake.. it’s like glass.  I thought the reflection was worth the shot.


… Meanwhile inside, in my bedroom a cabinet to hold my TV also is holding some books (big surprise huh?)  and the big deal here is that this is the first time my “bookworms” have stayed out of their boxes longer than to use in a photo!

… and lastly… Boo is settling in a bit more.  He’s still going around making noises and absolutely HAS to be in the same room I am in.   Well.. except during the daily lightening storms when he is under my bed.  The storms are so bad I wish I could fit under there with him!

There is a nice little variety of birds that come to the pond so I started taking pictures of them.  I will make small posts with bird shots for a bit too.  I am so brain dead I’ve barely read 2 chapters in the book I am reading.  I haven’t even come close to having a “daily routine” yet.. that’s when I will know that things are what they will be …

Until then I will try to get to more blogs in between “interior decorating” (not my finest moments doing that).. I’d be a lot better at it with “money” LOL… ah well..  we will never know my limits at decorating lol..

I think about another 2 weeks should have me set up enough to try to concentrate again and read again.. that would be nice, because this is way too much like work~!


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