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My Very Own Award

First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my “older Generation” post..  I really am not sleeping well and I know part of it is stress… the rest is probably old age!  I will be calling AARP this week and I’ll let you know the outcome.  I probably will take whatever I have to… it just means less money to be able to feel human.  But somehow I will do without this or that and still buy books and still go to my few autograph shows each year… if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be human at all .. thank you all very much, it did help writing it and hearing what you all had to say.

Now.. on to an award that CJ awarded me!


Check it out!  This is my award! 

The Dardos Award is in appreciation of the merits – culturally, literary and individually- of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog.

The conditions are to:
Be tickled pink,
copy and paste the award picture to your blog,
write down the regulations,
link the blog who bestowed you the award,
and finally nominate 15 blogs for the award.

Ok, so it’s not an Oscar or SAG award, but it’s a good one just the same!!

I’ve already put the award on my side bar, and I guess I am supposed to bestow it on 15 others.. I hate doing that because if I didn’t think the blogs I read were valued I wouldn’t read them!  (and a number of people feel obligated to pass it on and have the same difficulties, and more). 

If I were to “name some names”  I would surely give one to my newly discovered “sister” Cath, who resides across the pond.  The more Cath and I talk/ comment in each others blogs the more I find myself writing “me too!” and it escalates from there.  Of course we have our differences but I do so enjoy her blog and especially when she treats us to photos she has taken while on holiday.  I do enjoy seeing the England that I will never get to see in person.   ok, never say never.. that I doubt I will ever see in person.

I’d, of course, include my “adopted son” Chris for his joy and enthusiasm he brings to his blog.  It’s been a long time since I have met anyone who so enjoys the books he reads, and life in general.  He’s one of the few who can make me smile despite myself.

And Carl, who through his wonderful book reading blog as broadened what I read!  Yes, yes, Carl , who really got me back on the road of reading would have to have the award!!

Of course Nymeth would get one.  Her blog is a joy to read.  Even when she talks of books that I know I wouldn’t read, her writing makes me read her blog!  She’s also to blame for many books I’ve sent for on Amazon! :o)

And then there would be LadyTink, who single handedly is trying to get young people to realize that the old movies are worth watching!  I love to hear her joy when she writes about discovering an old movie or talks about the actors that mainly only the elderly know.  It does my heart good to know the old movies are not forgotten.

Then there is Debi.  She juggles home schooling, and  a husband and still manages to read books other than those she has to for the schooling!  I remember once, being able to juggle so many things at once, but know I couldn’t do that anymore.  It amazes me, but at the same time I hope she takes some time for herself, because no one should totally give up their life for their family.. there needs to be a little time to recognize your own self.

Kailana (Kelly) is a young lady from Canada who reads well above the norm.  I think I met Kelly through Carls Challenge and have enjoyed her writings ever since.

And I couldn’t forget Becky… she’s a reading machine!  It’s incredible to me that anyone can read as many books as she reads!  She’s great! Her reading is very diverse and you can always find something she has read that leads you back to Amazon LOL !!

There are many others, and many that are not book related blogs that I read, like My Everyday Life (Helen) and My Country Life (Donna) These ladies talk about their everyday life. Their trials and tribulations and happy times too, and I’ve read their blogs since I first started in aol .

Ok so those are just a few.. I read so many more blogs that it would take all day to list them!  Those I did list do not have to accept the award or pass it on.. but know these are some of the reasons I continue to read and blog.. thank you one and all.

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