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Well, Chris is in fine company as I get to add two more to the ever-growing list of folks who just twist my arm until i give in. (you believe that? heh)

The other day I ordered The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger .  Now I don’t generally read “sci-fi” but both Kailana and Nymeth made this sound like a “must read”.. so.. if I must… I must!

Then Natasha did up a review on Admit One by Emmett James and so, not wanting to pay for shipping, I ordered them both. *sigh*

Lessee:  I reviewed two books and ordered three books (yeah yeah, well one was my own fault The Ice Dragon was a mere 3.99!).. so far, this means… my tbr pile got fatter by one !   This is not how it’s supposed to work!


Since the Ice Dragon is so small I may have to give myself a break while reading the chunkster book I am into right now to read it just so I can deduct another book off of the tbr pile! (at least that will even me out, sheesh)

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