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Sheri has come up with yet another Thursday Thoughts Contest just in case you want to enter…..

If you could ask that one famous Hollywood Star ONE question… what would it be?

This rules to this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts:

Post your answer in a comment below… 1 entry
Post your answer on your blog with a picture of your favorite Hollywood Star… 2 entries
Post your answer on your blog with a picture of your favorite Hollywood Star and link it back to Thursday’s Thoughts with the Thursday’s Thoughts Logo… 3 entries
Sign up with Mr. Linky (below)… 1 additional entry
Subscribe to automatic feed for Thursday’s Thoughts… 1 additional entry
Contest starts January 4th and ends on January 8th (Oh, Elvis!) at 7pm PST


My first thought was: Sean Connery! Yeah!

.. then I remembered I would most likely pass out before I could ask him anything at all!  I mean, lets face it.. if he smiled at me.. you’d have to peel me off of the floor !  If I heard his voice pass out!  

Nope.. I couldn’t ask him the time of day! heh.


Then I grinned and thought: Harrison Ford! Woof!

… then the smile left my face.. nope, that would be no different from Sean Connery (probably worse!)!  *sigh*

Ok, so now I wondered who do I want to ask a question to? 

The answer is:  that I would have questions for any celebrity ! 

I’ve been lucky and met many and gotten to talk to many and ask many questions..  however, there was one that I didn’t get to meet but I did write to him and asked my question.

The actor is Red Skelton. 

When I wrote to him I told him of a dream I had about meeting him, and in this dream I went up to him and asked him, “since you have made me laugh and made me feel happy for many years, I wondered:  What makes Red Skelton happy?”

I received a signed photo and the letter below as a response from Red Skelton.

Maybe Sheri’s question could become a new book.. Questions You Always Wanted to Ask A Celebrity…  I bet there would be some really off beat and funny questions asked! 

How about you? Who and What would you ask that certain celebrity???

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