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Christmas 2008

I guess since others are posting their Christmas gifts I will do the same!

First are “blogger” gifts that I’ve shown already but deserve a second look (especially because the candy will be gone really quick! )

This consists of “ladybug” poppet from Carl, luscious Belgian candy from my adopted son, Chris , and a lovely picture book of Dartmoor, from my newly acquired “sister” in England, Cath!

I’ve read my little book a few times already, Ladybug has made herself at home, and as you can see.. the candy is almost gone!  heh..

My son George and Kat, his wife and Brent my grandson gave me a gift certificate from Amazon (gee, now where could they have gotten an idea like that???).  I have to use web photo’s because what I purchased is “in the mail”

When I went “shopping” I made out really, REALLY ,well!

First I chose a book I knew I’d get sooner or later because I absolutely love Christopher Plummer called In Spite of Myself.    Then I thought I’d look around in the books on sale and found Scarlet, which is book 2 of Lawheads King Ravon trilogy.  It was on sale from 17.98 down to 8.99!! Oh yeah! We do like sales on books we want anyway!!

The paperback of David Copperfield was also on sale for only 8.95!  It’s not one I am going to jump right into but I’ve been wanting some Charles Dickens and so I chose now to send for it.

Then I found the biggest deal of all !…

From Earth to the Moon This is the HBO mini series that Tom Hanks did.  It’s five dvd’s and originally was selling for 59.95… it was on sale for 19.99!  I knew the chances of my ever getting it for 60.00 wasn’t very good but I kept it on my wish list anyway.. and there is was… 19.00.. ohhhhhhh yes!  It called to me!   All of that and all I had to add to my gift certificate was 7.00!!  (can you see me smiling?)  I just love anything to do with the early space program, and most especially  Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo and our journey to the moon, and the men that did it. 

So it won’t be long and the three books will be added to the HUGE pile of TBR books I have and I will have 5 dvds to watch!!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas, lots to eat, fabulous company and lots and lots of goodies to open!

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