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Lirael by Garth Nix

Paperback: 496 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen (April 22, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0061474347


 Amazon.com Review
Fourteen years have passed since the necromancer Sabriel bound the Greater Dead Adept Kerrigor beyond the Ninth Gate and helped restore King Touchstone to the Old Kingdom throne. Now she rules at his side as Abhorsen, the sole necromancer of the Old Kingdom, keeping the people safe from the dark power of Free Magic. But this is not just Sabriel’s tale. It is also the story of Hedge, a mysterious necromancer who is digging up a monstrous evil that could utterly destroy the Old Kingdom. And it is the story of Prince Sameth, Touchstone and Sabriel’s only son, who would rather fight an entire army of Dead than disappoint his beloved parents. And Sam’s friend Nick, who has unknowingly loosed Free Magic into the Old Kingdom, blissfully ignorant of its complete malevolence. But mostly, this is the tale of Lirael, the only daughter of the future-seeing Clayr who does not possess the Sight. Burying the pain of her Sightlessness in the Clayr’s great library, Third Assistant Librarian Lirael’s insatiable curiosity will soon lead her to an unbelievable destiny that may even be connected with that of the great Sabriel herself.

Once again Amazon did a good review of the book..

When I began book 2, Lirael, I was disappointed that the story seemed to be about someone new and not a continuation of Sabriel, who I felt I needed to know more about.

But instead it jumps ahead 14 years!  It was probably close to half way thru the book before  we see Sabriel once again, but by then I have gotten myself involved with Lirael and Sam. 

Both young people wanted different things then what was being handed to them from life.

Sam did NOT want to be the Abhorsen in Waiting… he was afraid of death , and afraid to go into death. (it sounds strange but you’ll understand if you read the books)

Lirael was the daughter of a Clayr, but no matter how many years passed she did not get the “sight” that the other Clayr had, and though she was showing other talents, she was very unhappy not having the Sight.

Strange happenings send Lirael out into the world to help and she happens upon Sam who has run away to try to help his friend.

Lirael moves along with many more things going on than in book one with Sabriel and upon it’s ending left me ready to jump right into book 3, Abhorsen.  

I can’t say that this is an all time favorite series for me, but only because I am not into characters that are similar to the walking dead or vampire types.  Thankfully there are enough  “normal” (??) characters to keep me interested.

I am thankful for this series since the last few books I’ve read before getting into this series has been less than satisfying. 

Now I hope the Abhorsen is a good as the first two books and I will be quite satisfied with this series!

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