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Inkheart the Movie

I’ve been waiting for this movie since Last March… no, that’s not true, it’s been a lot longer.  Ever since I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Serkis (of Gollum fame) in California at a convention and talked with him, I’ve waited for this movie. 

You see, Andy Serkis plays Capricorn.. the evil villain of the movie.  And after meeting him and finding him a real sweetie, this part will be so not like him.  But then… neither was gollum!!   

The movie first was slated to air last March.  But it never happened.  This concerns me greatly because the trilogy is so good, and I’m guess they hope that if this movie does well that they would follow with the other two books/ movies.  Which makes perfect sense… however, there’s this nearly year delay.. which means young Meggie has gotten a year older, which doesn’t bode well for the second movie if she is outgrowing her part.

But I digress…

The movie is once again up for release!  It will be release in the UK before we get it but it is due to open here in the states on January 23rd.

Wanna guess where I will be on January 23rd?!   If you guess at the movies you guessed well !

Below is the trailer from Inkheart.  You even get to see Andy!  Can you tell I am thrilled?!  It seems I’ve waited forever to see Andy in this movie!

Along with Andy,  Brendan Fraser plays Mo, Megs dad, Eliza Bennett as Meg, Paul Bettany as Dustfinger, and Helen Mirren as Aunt Elinor.

It’s a safe bet that I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to this movie!!  If they delay it again I will scream!!

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