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Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies does it again!  In The Good Old Summertime  1949

I know the title of the movie but I can’t remember seeing it before and I find that incomprehensible! I mean, duh!  It has Judy Garland, who I love. And a great great cast!!
Van Johnson (who just passed away) and two big favorites of mine, Spring Byington and S.Z. “Cuddles” Sakall and it even has a smaller part for Buster Keaton!!

This was a MOST ENJOYABLE movie!!  If you like old movies, and of course like Judy Garland singing.. well.. then it’s a must see!

Plot summary for In the Good Old Summertime (1949)

It’s turn of the century America when Andrew and Veronica first meet – by crashing into each other. They develop an instant and mutual dislike which intensifies when, later on, Andrew is forced to hire Veronica as a saleslady at Oberkugen’s music store. What the two don’t know is that while they may argue and fight constantly throughout the day, they are actually engaged in an innocent, romantic and completely anonymous relationship by night, through the post office.

Judy, Judy, Judy… there is only one Judy Garland!!


Van Johnson recently passed away.  It always amazes me when people who claim to love movies don’t know his name.. I mean.. well.. he did make 123 movies!!


Besides all her movies, Spring Byington went on to have her own television show called December Bride… ahhh, I remember it well!


S.W. “Cuddles” Sakall… there’s a reason his nickname is cuddles!.. ’cause any female would want to cuddle him! lol.. with his deep Hungarian accent and his loveable charm it was hard not to enjoy this man in anything he did.

   (1884 – 1955)

From silent movies to talkies Buster Keaton was a star when it came to comedy.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy an old movie now and then…

TCM… it’s the best!!



Turner Classic Movies Remembers those that the movies have lost…


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