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Tis the season for unexpected Pressie’s!

The other day a package came all the way from England!  And what should it contain, but a book of pictures of Dartmoor!  (you have to have read The Moor with Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes to appreciate it.. well maybe not, but it does make it appropriate!)

So now I have this darling little book with gorgeous photo’s of Dartmoor!   Thanks to my “sister” in England, Cath!

And then yesterday yet another package arrived!  This one came from the states, Missouri to be exact…. 

It contained a poppet!!!

..she is finding her way around the house just fine!

..she just has to convince Kester and Woody that her name really is Ladybug!

I am now the mama to 3 poppets!!! 

You really shouldn’t have Carl..

no, really.. you shouldn’t have.

…. however, I’m not sending her back!

Thank you so verrrryyyy verrryyy much!  I thank everyone very, very, very much!

Wow, this has been a really big Christmas and it hasn’t even arrived yet.  I’ve gotten Wonderful candy from my adopted son, Chris, a book from England from Cath and a Ladybug from Carl!

It doesn’t get much better!

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