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 Brisingr (Inheritance Bk. 3) by Christopher Paolini


Hardcover: 784 pages
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (September 20, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0375826726

From Publishers Weekly
The much-anticipated third book in Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle continues to rely heavily on classic fantasy tropes. The novel launches with magician and Dragon Rider Eragon, his cousin Roran and the dragon Saphira on a quest to rescue Roran’s betrothed. The cousins soon split up, and Roran undergoes his own series of heroic tests, culminating in a well-choreographed and intense fight against an Urgal (a ram-human hybrid). Eragon, at the same time, encounters treacherous dwarves, undergoes even more training with the elf Oromis and gains a magical sword suitable for a Dragon Rider. The silly revelations about Eragon’s background in the previous book, Eldest, are given a new spin near the end, but the change is neither unexpected nor interesting. Predictably, the book concludes with even more character deaths and another battle, but those expecting a resolution will have to wait until the next novel. The cliched journey may appeal to younger readers of genre fiction.

Let me begin by saying that although I found some things in the first two books that didn’t exactly thrill me, I did think there was a viable story being told here and that the author was not great, but on his way.

I am writing this in 2 parts.  Right now I am about 400 pages into the book and it’s dragging badly.  Normally, I am all for not rushing into things and liking to find out more about the characters in the books I read, but I have to admit that up to this point so little is happening that I am amazed he took 400 pages to tell it!

(days later) Well… I finally finished the book.

I guess I’m glad that I didn’t give up… but I still don’t have a lot good to say about this book. 

The first two books I found better paced, and more interesting.  For all the 784 pages this book has, it could have done without most of them.  By sticking it out I will say that the last 200 pages picked up and got a whole lot more interesting.  In those pages Eragon learns about his father, revisits the elves that have been training him,  gets a new weapon to aid him,  and looses someone who means a lot to him.

It’s the first 400 pages I could have done without. (well, maybe not “without” but it could have been trimmed down severely!)  Although things continue to happen to Eragon there was little to make me want to keep running back to the book.

At the end I found out there will be a 4th book… ahem.  I am uncertain at this time if I will want to read it or not.

I do like Eragon and Paolini has made some interesting characters but he has drawn out the story longer than needed.  And for me to say that is disheartening, since when I like characters and the story line, I rarely, if ever, want the story shorter!

So, I guess… depending on how much you liked the first two books (I liked them, but they weren’t “wow” books) would depend on if you will enjoy book 3.  Be prepared for it to be long and drawn out, but in the end it builds nicely and makes you want to find out the conclusion that will only happen in book 4.

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