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Favorite Christmas Things

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things  (and Norman Rockwell)

*Favorite Christmas Song*

Goodness, it is hard to say “just one”.. (so I won’t!) I will say I always listen to Nat King Cole’s: Christmas song, and Burl Ives: Holly Jolly Christmas,  Bing Crosby’s: I’ll Be Home For Christmas and Andy Williams: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year .

*Favorite Christmas Movie*

And here we go with another mini list!  Bing Crosby: White Christmas, Jimmy Stewarts: It’s a Wonderful Life, Maureen O’Hara’s (1934) Miracle on 34th Street, and I have to watch Alastair Sim’s (1951) movie of Scrooge (followed by Patrick Stewart’s version!)

*Favorite Christmas Gift to Give*

I don’t have a favorite gift to give, because everyone is so different and I always tried to match a gift with the person. To get something I KNOW they will like, not something I hope they will like.

*Favorite Christmas Gift to Get*

Of course books are at the top of the list but right up there with them is to receive something totally silly and unneeded! (like a toy..duh, what 64  year old needs a toy??)

*Favorite Christmas Cookie*

Oh my, when my family was young I loved to bake! I would bake several “regulars”, like chocolate chip and peanutbutter and butter cookies..and then each year I’d try one or two new ones.. so I can’t say I have an all time favorite, but I guess the “family favorite” was always chocolate chip (crunchy not chewy!)

*Favorite Christmas Candy*

One?! LOL  you jest?!  Well I do like candy canes and they are as Christmas as you can get. But if you want to gift me candy, it had better be Guylain Seashells! LOL LOL

*Favorite Christmas Color*   

Blue!  Blue lights on my tree, blue and white balls on the tree… blue, blue, blue, blue blue….   blue.

*Favorite Christmas Tradition* 

Well, I don’t have one anymore, but when my kids were young I loved that we always spent Christmas Eve with my Sister-in-law and her family and others from the family and close friends.

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