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What if…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if many of the things we read about were real?

I may not want Orcs or demons but there are many things I do wish were real.

I wish that I didn’t have to close my eyes to see them.

I wish I could pet a Unicorn.

I wish I lived in a land with more forests and fewer cities.

I wish I could be at a Pern Hatching of dragons.

I wish I could hug a dragon.

I wish I could speak with Gandalf, touch his hand and look into his eyes.

I am able to get part way there when I read a book and embrace the possibilities.

I’ve even heard voices in my head when I wrote character conversations. 

I’ve felt their presence inside, sometimes they are sooooo close to being real…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see and meet some of them?!


(No groans allowed! .. I’m old, give me a break, I am having a “moment”, doo-doo happens!)


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