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The Blame Game

One more “rehash”.. the first one you can blame CJ for mentioning DeForest to me and then I found that photo while looking for something else.. so it was partly fate, partly CJ lol…

Then Pamela said something in comments..

Pamela said…

and a lovely rehash it was!
He must have thought the world of you and your antics.
(He was humble, tho – and probably didn’t think he deserved it.)

I’m thinking ….Pam knew De! ? !

He really was humble and he had no great ego to stroke like some other actors I know. (one in particular that he worked with quite a bit..heh)  But doing things like the “Fans” did make him feel a wee bit embarrassed.  On the other hand, his wife Carolyn, absolutely loved when we “doted on De”!  She was very proud of De’s acting abilities!

When I read what Pam wrote “He was humble, tho.. and probably didn’t think he deserved it”.. it reminded me of something else we did to De.  And it wasn’t even intentional ! (and it’s yet one more rehash of an older post)

But I won’t go thru the whole thing.. just know this:

The President of De’s Fan Club always had a party at the hotel of De’s conventions and she held an auction in which all the money we raised went to De’s charity.

De had made a habit of “dropping by” the party with Carolyn and visiting for about a half hour to an hour with the club members… which always shocked them but was a memory they never forgot.

Anyway, this one time another gal and myself had made up some songs to the tunes of other famous songs and we were having some fun with the club members and had them all sing the song…


We no sooner finished when a knock came on the door and it was DeForest and Carolyn.  We escorted them in and sat them down and within moments Sue mentioned that the club just learned a song and they would like to sing it to De.

Gracious as ever De said it would be nice and he stood up to listen to the members..

This is what we sang… (sing it to the tune of Hello Dolly)


Before we even finished De was tearing up and Carolyn was already weeping!!

It wasn’t intentional, we didn’t even know he’d come by. (we figured he might but we were never sure, it was all according to how they felt)

So.. there you have it.. we made DeForest get teary eyed and made Carolyn cry!  Like I said, the man really had no “movie star” ego …. and sometimes he had trouble believing fans could care for him that much.  A rare actor to be sure.


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