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My friend Cath, over at Read_Warbler made some lists concerning book series that she is reading, or would like to read.  As I responded to her post I realized that I needed to do the same thing.  If for no other reason than to prove to myself that I was under control when it came to series of books.

Obviously I am NOT under control!…

Series Already in Progress:  (10 series)


Todd McCaffrey- Pern series (read 2 waiting a new release)

Angie Sage -Septimus Heap series (read 4 waiting a new release/ June 26,2009)

Michael Scott -Nicholas Flamel series (read 2 waiting a new release/ May 26,2009)

Christopher Paolini -Inheritance Cycle (read 2 have book 3)

Weis and Hickman – The Lost Chronicles (read 2 waiting release of new book)

Stephen R Donaldson -The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (read 2 waiting release of new book)

Elizabeth Haydon -the Lost Chronicles of Ven Polypheme (read 3 waiting for new release)

Jody Lynn Nye -Unexpected Apprentice series (read 1 waiting for new release/ April 2009)

Obert Skye Leven -Thumps  series (read 3 book 4 has been released)

Jon Berkeley -Wednesday Tales series (read 2 waiting for new release/ Jan 2009)



Series I want to Read: (12 series)


Galen Beckett -The Magicians and Mrs Quent (only book 1 has been released)

Stephen Lawhead -King Raven (have book one, book 2 is released waiting for book 3 due out February 2009)

T A Barron- Merlin series (have book 1 other books are released)

Anne Bishop -Black Jewels (have all 3 books unread)

Henry H Neff -Tapestry series (have 2 books more to be released)

Garth Nix -Abhorsen series (have all 3 books)

Trenton Lee Stewart -the Mysterious Benedict Society (have book 1, book 2 is released)

Tracy Hickman -Mystic Empire series (have all 3 books)

Margaret Weis -Amber and Ashes series (have book 1 and book 3 need to get book 2)

Terry Brooks -Straken series (have all 3 books)

Shana Abe -The Drakon series (all 3 are released)

Susan Cooper- The Dark is Rising series (all 6 books are released)

N.D. Wilson-100 Cupboards (book 2 will be released in February)

I have always preferred series of books when I love the characters and there’s a good story to go with them.  Lately I find that I have begun to wonder if there’s such a thing as a stand alone book anymore!!

I’m finding it harder to buy the number one book in a series when it’s a new release. If at least 2 of a series is already release I find it easier.  I think because if I read 2 books with the same characters and storyline that I won’t easily forget it, but one with a year to wait for book 2 and a year after that to wait for book 3.. well..I’m at the point I need a memory pill of some sort!

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