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Happy Halloween


May your Gobblin’ wishes all come true!…


Happy Halloween !!

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 Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Hardcover: 656 pages
Publisher: The Chicken House (September 26, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0439866286

Product Description

The Adderhead–his immortality bound in a book by Meggie’s father, Mo–has ordered his henchmen to plunder the villages. The peasants’ only defense is a band of outlaws led by the Bluejay–Mo’s fictitious double, whose identity he has reluctantly adopted. But the Book of Immortality is unraveling, and the Adderhead again fears the White Women of Death. To bring the renegade Bluejay back to repair the book, the Adderhead kidnaps all the children in the kingdom, dooming them to slavery in his silver mines unless Mo surrenders. First Dustfinger, now Mo: Can anyone save this cursed story?

Imagine an author inside of his own book, trying to write more into the story when things aren’t as he thought they should be. 

A new story being written within a story?  Can the outcome of something you create for a new part of a story really be what you thought it would be, or would there be factors you hadn’t counted on?  Can you cause a death? Can you cause someone to come back from the dead simply by writing it that way? 

Inkdeath is the conclusion to Inkheart and Inkspell… at over 600 pages long I can’t say I was disappointed.  For most of the book the story just kept unraveling and at times I just felt as if these characters could go on forever telling their story.

If I were to find anything at all wrong with ANY of these three books it might be that although the ending began to build nicely, with excitement, it was still a little of a let down…just a little, but not enough for me to say that you wouldn’t enjoy this trilogy to it’s fullest.

It was filled with fabulous characters, and a land in which any fantasy reader might like to “really” visit… and all you need to do that is the right reader to get you there! 

It certainly had it’s share of villains, and they were as despicable as any villain could be! 

I just found the entire story so well told that I hope when the movie of Inkheart finally gets released in January that they decide to do the other two movies too!

A Sample from Inkdeath (pg. 148)

 “What about your second child?” Resa went on.  “Do you want the baby born in this world?”

Mo looked around him , and once more Meggie felt something she had long known: By now her father loved this world as much as she and Resa had once done.  Perhaps he even loved it more.

“Why not?’ he retorted, “Do you want it born in a world where what it longs for can be found only in books?”

Resa’s voice shook when she replied, but now it was with anger.  “How can you say such a thing?  Everything you find here was born in our world.  Where else did Fenoglio get it all from?”

“How should I know?  Do you really still think there’s only one real world, and the others are just pale offshoots?”

Something to ponder, don’t ya think?!

This trilogy is a keeper fersure! I envy anyone planning on reading this set of books now that they are all out in print and you don’t have to wait in between books!!


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Got Candy?

I hope everyone has purchased the candy you will need for this Friday when the witches and goblins come a knockin’ at your door!

A thought crossed my mind but since the above skull is David’s and not mine.. and because I don’t drive so I can’t get to a pet store I can’t really do it.. I thought this skull would look neat in a small fish tank with lots of mealworms crawling in and out and all around it..heh.. then keep the tank right next to the bowl of candy and see how many kids will actually take a candy bar lol..   well.. ya know.. it was a thought.

Speaking of Halloween…

Recently I found a blog. (like I don’t have a long enough list of blogs to visit!)

This one is more centered around movies,.. including old movies, and ya’ll know I enjoy old movies.  Anyway, the blog is written by a young fellow named Dan and he has a good list of “must see” Halloween movies so I thought I’d pimp his blog and give you his link to check it out.  Here it is:  Daniel’s Critical Corner.

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Just in Time..

Well, I did it!  I replaced all the photo’s that I’ve posted for the last 3 years!  And none too soon… the last 3 weeks worth (prior to aol announcing the collapse of journals) had turned into little red X’s a week sooner than they said they would.

In order to replace those pics I had to have blogspot open, photobucket open, my copy of my journal in word open, notepad open and paintshop pro open!  It was not fun!

Now I ask that if anyone should, at any time, go into my archives and fine little red X’s instead of a photo to let me know.  There shouldn’t be any, but at times I was so tired while replacing them that I may have made a mistake here and there.

As much work as that was (and it WAS!) other people still had it worse.  Some folks, once they uploaded photo’s to the web, would delete them from their hard drive (I did not.  I have 59 folders worth of pictures from my journal alone!).   If they wanted to save their photo’s they had to download them all back to their hard drive (one at a time) before they could then upload them to another site to replace them in blogspot! 

Besides whatever pictures I uploaded thru blogger I also uploaded some 2,112 to photobucket!

I think a bunch of us need to send AOL a nice thank you note ..heh.

Anyway.. it’s done, and I don’t ever want to repeat that again!

I hope all the aol journals managed to make some sort of transition, even if they don’t/ didn’t replace photo’s..

It’s a shame aol is slowly taking away all the perks to being on aol.. I have a feeling soon there won’t be aol at all.  I know many don’t like aol but it’s still a shame because for people like me (old and not too bright) it is a program that allows the untrained to be able to get around on a computer.

On a completely different note…

I am only half way thru Inkdeath but slowly getting back to reading it.. I can already tell anyone who read her first two books, that she has another winner in this one!

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I just want to thank everyone for your good wishes on my brothers passing.
David and I are doing fairly well.  I think we are even a bit better than I expected. 
We buried my brother yesterday, on a gorgeous fall day, with the trees in the cemetary at their prettiest.  He was surrounded in “the Glen” with pretty reds and yellow trees. He would have liked that.
I was presented an American flag folded in the Armed Services fashion because my brother was a Vet.  I didn’t expect that.
I’m not really facing the far ahead future yet, but just taking a day at a time for now.  I even got back to my book last night, though I admit I didn’t read for very long.  Maybe a little more today.
I know I will have ups and downs for a while now, but I think without realizing it, the 3 months in the hospital gave us fair warning.  So.. I’m dong ok.
Since I don’t work, and David went back to work and I am here alone, I will be at my computer to help keep my mind busy.  I am still trying to save my blog photo’s and I think I will be able to do that before time runs out with aol.  It may seem strange to be doing this at this point and time, but it helps !
Thanks again.. I will begin to get back to reading and commenting in other blogs, slow but sure.

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A Fall Type Day..

My reading is going slowly, which I don’t really mind since it’s a book I wouldn’t mind how long it was! (Inkdeath)

I’ve been working my butt off uploading and replacing all the photo’s for my blog from when I began in Oct. 2005 until about a month ago when aol informed us that aol was deleting all aol journals and web space where photo’s were uploaded to.

Actually, I am doing rather well at this.. I began at the beginning (duh) and have worked my way up to the beginning of Feb 2008! I have uploaded about 1,700 pics and replaced them.  The worst part is going in the html of each post to replace the new address for each photo.. time consuming and makes for a sore neck and shoulders each day .. I wake early, sometimes 5 am and work on it until 9 or 10 am when I finally poop out and just can’t stand to do one more post !  I’ve deleted a few posts but not many.  Mostly when I get extremely tired and come up against a post with more than 10 pictures in one post!

To say that I will be more than happy when this is over is a gross understatement!!!

I will admit it’s even more tiresome because of this head cold that I can’t seem to get rid of.. *sigh*

Today, now that my “work hours” are over (don’t want to see another old post today) I am watching  blogs of people doing the “24 hour read-a-thon”

Other than reading their on going blogs about their reading my only contribution to their great strides to read more than normal in a 24 hr period would be for me to post a photo of my latest book porn…..  taaa daaaa….

To be honest there’s not a book here I could finish in 24 hours at the rate I read! lol

I think it’s time I take a break from the computer and do a little of my own reading in Inkdeath.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Sometimes things you hear on Oprah can really give you those “light bulb moments”, as Oprah likes to say.

The other day they were discussing “rudeness”.

The topic of Cell Phones came up, about how people misuse and abuse them… I smiled…. a lot. I hate cell phones except for emergencies.

Then a woman in the audience stood up and talked about a “rude use of the cell phone” that happened to her.

It seems she had a doctor’s appointment.  She kept her appointment and when she got into the room was told to undress from the waist down and lay down and put her feet in the stirrups.  I know women reading this have all done it .. and you men know what woman go thru during exams.

She got in the stirrups and the doctors cell phone rang…

He answered it!  (It was his private number and so was not an emergency.)

Then he proceeded to talk on the phone for several minutes, leaving the lady laying there with her feet in the stirrups.

The audience was appalled.  I was appalled.  You should be appalled.

I don’t understand why people don’t realize how they abuse the privilege of owning a cell phone.  

Why do you answer the cell phone while in a bathroom??

Why do you answer the cell phone while driving?

Why do you answer the cell phone in the middle of conversing with someone face to face??

Is it true that no one has learned that you can TURN OFF THE PHONE when you are busy doing other things, like driving , or taking care of other business.  If there’s an emergency.. trust me.. THEY WILL CALL BACK!  (and odds are there’s not a damn thing you can do about the emergency anyway)… and.. they have the capability of leaving an message if it’s important don’t they?!!  (hello?)

ok.. that’s it .. I know I didn’t need to get on the soap box and I wouldn’t have if I didn’t hear that story on Oprah. 

.. Think about it.. you could use some quiet time!

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Inkspell by Cornelia Funke.



Mass Market Paperback: 656 pages
Publisher: The Chicken House (April 1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0439554012

Amazon.com Review
Just a few chapters into Inkspell, Mo (a.k.a. “Silvertongue”) sagely says to his daughter, “Stories never really end, Meggie, even if the books like to pretend they do. Stories always go on. They don’t end on the last page, any more than they begin on the first page.” A fitting meta-observation for this, the unplanned second installment in Cornelia Funke’s beloved now-trilogy.

Of course, it’s that sort of earnest, almost gushing veneration of books and book-loving that made the absorbing suspense-fantasy Inkheart so wonderful in the first place, with that lit-affection getting woven integrally into the plot (Inkheart being both Funke’s first book in the series, and the fictitious book within that book, authored by the frustrated Fenoglio, now trapped within the book, er, within the book. Fenoglio, perhaps not surprisingly, self-referentially wishes in Inkspell that he had written a sequel to Inkheart.) Inkspell should serve as a special treat for fans of the first book, as characters from Inkheart who have found themselves in the “real world” (if there is such a thing) find themselves read back into their own mythic, word-spun world–along with some of our favorite “real-world” characters. As with the previous book, Funke’s greatest accomplishment here is telling such a rich and involving (and fun!) story, while still managing sweet, subtle commentary on the nature of words and meaning. Expect a tantalizing finale, too–as Funke says, “No reader will forgive me the ending, though, without a part three.”


I think this Inkheart trilogy has a magical hold on me.  Although book two, Inkspell,  took me longer to read than it normally would have (due to trying to save my blog photo’s).. it still wouldn’t let me set it down and not go to it until I was finished with what I had to do.

It beckoned me, “come hither and read just a few chapters!” (yeah, right, just a few..cha!)

It shouldn’t be calling to me… I’ve read it before…  but the whispers reached my, hard of hearing, ears and I would pick up the book and stroke my hand over it lovingly.  There’s something about the Inkheart books that insists you run your fingers over the smooth, silky feeling cover and hug the book even before you begin to read each day. As I reach for the bookmark, I find myself nearly speaking out loud to the book: Here I come again… what dangers and rescues are waiting for me today?

There’s just to much going on to leave the book resting on the desk for very long.

In Inkspell, Meg,  Mo,  Resa and Fenoglio have been read into Inkheart we have to find out if they survive!.. what a great second book ! It doesn’t slow down the progression of the story for a moment!  Cornelia’s powerful characters are so unforgettable and many so endearing, that you have to visit them each and every day.  What’s Meggie up to now?  Dustfinger is a dad?!  Can Farid really talk to fire like Dustfinger?  And is Mo really the Bluejay?

And now that book 3 has finally been released I no longer have to wait to find out “what can possibly happen next?!” !!


For your enjoyment, just a few quotes from Inkspell:


“Of course!” As Orpheus spoke, the hellhound bared its teeth and glared at Farid.  “To start with, the words were rather hard to find.  Perhaps because I was so excited.  As I told you at our first meeting, this book, Inkheart”… Orpheus stroked the volume… “was my favorite when I was a child.  I was eleven when I last saw it.  I kept borrowing it from our run down library until it was stolen.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t been brave enough to steal it myself, and then someone else did, but I never forgot it.  This book taught me once and for all, how easily you can escape this world with the help of words!  You can find friends between the pages of a book, wonderful friends! Friends like you, fire-eaters, giants, fairies….!  Have you any idea how bitterly I wept when I read about your death?  But you’re alive, and everything will be all right!  You will retell the story….”


Farther into the book:

“Were there other people who could read aloud the way I can?  I didn’t believe it until Dustfinger came up to me in the musty, ramshackle library.  Oh God, how my heart beat when I saw his face with the three pale scars left by Basta’s knife!  It beat faster than on the day I first kissed a girl.  It really was him, the melancholy hero of my very favorite book.  And I helped him to disappear into it again, but what about me?  Hopeless.”  He laughed, a sad and bitter laugh.  “I just hope he doesn’t have to die the death that idiot of an author intended for him.  No, he can’t!  He’ll be all right.  I’m sure he will.  After all, Capricorn is dead and Basta’s a coward.  Do you know, I wrote to that Fenoglio, the author, when I was twelve, telling him he must change his story, or at least write a sequel in which Dustfinger comes back?  He never answered my letter, any more than Inkheart ever had a sequel.  Oh, well. ” Orpheus sighed deeply.

I think I’d really like to meet Cornelia Funke and thank her in person for having such a great story hidden inside of her, and writing it all down so everyone could read and enjoy it…  I’m glad I still have one book left before I have to say good-bye to these fantastic characters and fabulous story!

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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Ever have times when your thoughts jump all around?  Some things on your mind are very important, and others not.  But how important things are doesn’t set the precedence.

I’ve been dealing with heavy stress the past few months (years actually).. at times I think my mind picks little things to come to the front of my mind, because I know I can’t deal with bigger things right now.

One small thing that leaped out at me was a photo on the “aol opening page” as I opened it yesterday.  The caption under the photo said, “do you know who this is?”  The answer was: Why yes I do!  This is Tony Dow.. he played Wally Cleaver, the big brother to Beaver, in Leave It To Beaver…

So I clicked on the article to see why the photo was there.  In turn it led to a website.. this web site.  If you follow this link you will find a group of photo’s of actors “then and now”…

That made me think even more.

About a book I thought would be great to have, but was not written yet.  The idea came to me when I helped  at the autograph shows when I lived In California.  Being able to meet and help many of the older generation of actors and actresses always made me feel good inside and smile a lot. 

Even though they didn’t look like when I first remembered seeing them, be it a television show like Leave It to Beaver (Wally, really was a cutie!) or a movie, they all did something for me.  They all took me away from my trials and tribulations for the amount to time I watched the show they were in or the movie they made.

In their own way, they were a spice of life.  Something to lift you up for an hour or more and make you feel many things, many emotions.. but none of them related to   what you were going back to when that show or movie was over.

It’s a pretty wonderful thing these people do… and whenever I still go to a show and look at their faces and listen to stories other people tell them about how they affected their life.. I still smile.

And so it was, many years ago that I dreamed of a book I wanted to write.  Not that I am a writer mind you, but I didn’t have to be if this book was done properly. Others could tell the stories and I could just type it up.

First, of course, there would be the “then” picture and a recent photo for the book.  Then each actor that agreed to the photo’s  would also be asked to tell a short story into a recorder.  I wanted it to be short, but something that stayed with them all their life.  Maybe a funny joke someone played on them while making a movie, or someone who befriended them and stayed their best friend all these long years.  A little something that you and I would not know, but was forever memorable to them.

Mostly, I hoped it would be a comical story.. to keep the people reading the book smiling.

Along with the pictures and the short story each would tell that would then be written up (and not used without final approval from that person), then I had hoped that many of these people, who by the way, probably do not work at their craft anymore, or if they do are difficult to get a hold of, would also provide an address (could be a po box or a manager) where those who would like to write a fan letter or send for an autographed photo could do so.  And of course each person in the book would have a credit list.

Many retired actors have no way fans can contact them.  You or I may think that would be a blessing… but not always.  Which is why the book would not be for everyone.. but there are many who I think would like it. 

For a number or years now I’ve sat with quite a few of these actors and actresses for hours at a time..and one thing I’ve seen, is the happiness in their faces when fans come up to them still gushing to meet them, even if they hadn’t make a movie or appearance in many years.   They beam when they hear people tell them how much they have admired their work. And I honestly think it does them good inside.

Way back then, when I thought of the possibility of the book it was tentatively called “Then ‘n’ Now” or “Remember Me?”.  But that was all before life got in the way..

That little website brought that all back to the front of my mind.. ..  one photo and one caption.. weird how things sneak up on you.

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Oh Gawd…

I feel like ……………………………… poop.

I had an awful sore throat yesterday.. hurt like heck to swallow, and my doc is out of town. (naturally)

Today I woke at 4 am.. sneezing some, blowing a lot. 

It is now 11:20 and my head feels like a balloon wanting to pop.  I am still sneezing some, blowing a lot… my throat no longer hurts, but I can’t breath long enough to take a nap without sneezing or needing to blow my nose!


From 4 till nearly 6, in between tissues, I was working on replacing photo’s in my archives…

Sometimes I wonder where my brain disappears to when I make posts!

In one post alone I had sixteen pictures…  that’s SIXTEEN !  

I read the post and it made me smile though. *sigh*.. I was hoping it would be one I could just delete, but it was a “memory” of my assault I did against Sherry Lansing when she was the head of Paramount Studios, and they were going to make a new Star Trek Movie but were “dumping” the originals.   Needless to say this did not thrill me.  Not that I didn’t like the people from The Next Generation.. I do like them… I just didn’t think they had to dump the “originals”,  I thought there was room for both. (silly me).  Anyway, I sent Lansing lots of mail to show my displeasure with her choices… heh. 

Needless to say, they made the Next Generation Movie, and dumped the originals anyway *sigh*.. but I had to do what I had to do. (De was pleased, even though he couldn’t say so to anyone at Paramount lol)

So.. I had to save the 16 pictures to the post…

I feel so awful with this..head cold (?)… I sure hope I don’t have any move posts with that many pictures to upload and move!

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