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You must be sick of me mentioning Roy Dotrice or anything about Father on Beauty & the Beast.  Well………….  one more time!  But this time it has to do with the fact that I just purchased all 3 seasons of Beauty and the Beast on DVD!! ohhhhhhhh yeah! 

Lookey Lookey!!  They came in the mail Saturday, and I watched the first dvd which had 4 episodes on it.  B&B ran from 1987-1990.

As much as I remember each episode (and amazingly I do remember !!  I say amazing because it was never in rerun!) as I watch them… I find that I still forgot ..just how good they were!

Linda Hamilton never looked so good. (yeah, some guys will argue with that and say she looked better in the Terminator…but Nah.. it’s not true!)

Perlman’s makeup, was outstanding, and so were the costumes and every prop they had “below ground”.  For instance, I forgot that Father’s (Roy) opening scene was in his “library”!!  He had rows and rows of books!! (and you wonder why I love Father! cha!)

Exquisite costumes!!!  I think the next time I see Armin I will have to discuss the costumes with him!  I could never say enough good things about the people who did the costumes or the set designs and displays, so I will try to say it in just two words. 

Absolutely Phenominal.

And just so I had a new photo to show … I had forgotten (CRS) I had one of Jay Acovone who played Linda Hamiltons boss on the show.

And here’s a little trivia for my book friends…  George RR Martin wrote 14 of the 56 episodes for Beauty and the Beast and was consultant on many other episodes!!  I guess we now know why Roy Dotrice did the audio versions of A Song of Ice and Fire! (which I would give anything to have, even a poor copy!.. just fyi , heh)

Strangely, Armin (Pascal) was in 14 episodes.  It seems to be a magic number.

I managedto watch 2 dvd‘s of season one (8 episodes).  I saw one episode that George RR Martin wrote, it was called Masques, it was a Halloween/ costume party, which allowed Vincent (the beast) to walk among normal people because they thought he had a costume on.  It was also about an Irish writer who told a story about a man and woman, where he couldn’t live in her type of life, and she couldn’t live in his, yet the loved each other.  (sound like Martin?) 

 I am surprised that he worked as a consultant on other episodes.  This is what happens when a really good show gets lost and never hit reruns..things you missed the first time around, … stayed missed. 

I’m already glad I bought these dvds… though I truly thought I would never buy a television series on dvd.  I never even bought my own friends show of Star Trek! (but of course they are forever in reruns, so no real need… though if they hadn’t been so expensive I would have gotten them, just to have.)

So now I get to watch Roy A LOT! And that makes me happy, even if many years have passed since they were first aired.  And occasionally one of his other movies pops up on the telly… and I do get to look forward to Hellboy II !! (even if only a small part, I will be thrilled to see him once again, as he is now)  

I have to say this, especially to anyone who watched Beauty and the Beast and liked Roy’s character of Father… you have to rent Cheech & Chong’s Corsican Brothers and see Father like you’ve never seen him before or will again! lol

And lastly, I tortured myself  (yet again!) searching for  an audio cassette of Roy narrating Watership Down. *sigh*  ..geez, who would think an audio tape would be so hard to find???  I mean, I’m talking Watership Down for gosh sake, not the over $1,000 price for George RR Martin’s book in which Roy does hundreds of voices!…  why do I torture myself?  ARGH!

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