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When I was young, I hated admitting when I forgot things…

Now I’m old, … and forgetting things goes along with the territory!

Now I’m old.. …it’s a damn good excuse!  

I blame everything on old age now… it’s the one blessing you get when you get old.  Trust me when I tell you that it’s the ONLY blessing about getting old!

So here I am old.

And I’m admitting my memory sucks!

You have heard me say before how much I adore Roy Dotrice, (just the other day !)  and each time I’ve said how I adore him, I also said how much I loved him in the television show Beauty and the Beast, as “Father”…

(below is Roy Dotrice as Father)

And Ron Perlman,  now known as Hellboy, was in 1987, known as Vincent (the Beast).

Now, remember this much… NINETEEN EIGHTY SEVEN.  That’s 21  years ago! 

 I’m shaking my head because it seems impossible to me that it was that long ago.  Also, know that Beauty and the Beast never went into reruns. (a fact that no one is able to find out why it didn’t/ hasn’t and would still love it to happen because it was such a great show).

Excuse number one:  So it has been 21 years since I’ve watched Beauty and the Beast.

Excuse number two: When it wason I had but  one interest, Roy Dotrice.

Excuse number three:  I’m old and My memory sucks.

So last weekend when I was talking to Armin Shimerman (Quark) and looking at his photo’s and such I read a sign he had on his table mentioning the shows he had been in.. one of them was Beauty and the Beast. 

(This is where I ask how many others besides myself has been known to not just step in doo doo but roll in it too!)

I actually asked him how many shows he did… hello? 

Like almost all of them!  Hello again?! 

Oh did I mention he played Pascal, one of the regulars on the show?? 

Heh, well maybe that’s because my memory sucks! (and in all defense I really haven’t seen a Beauty and the Beast in 21 yrs.. oh, and one more excuse… Quark looks nothing like Pascal so I never made the connection! heh)

So after all that, the reason I am even writing this post is because Armin was such a sweetie that  when I asked him if he could mail a photo to me of him as Pascal.. he said, “no problem”.   (it arrived Friday)

Now is when you ask if I will ever forget him as Pascal again!.. the answer would be NO.. and all the Beauty and the Beast dvds are now on my wish list at Amazon!

So  there you have it….. and as you might have guessed… I am blaming it all on OLD AGE!  And I’m not really tooooo  embarrassed.. after all, your turn will come!

It is not my fantansy, it is my alternate reality.

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