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Carl did a post today that mentioned the upcoming movie of Hellboy II and he had a link to a newer trailer of it here. 

I watch every trailer that comes out because I know that an actor I adore has a part in this new Hellboy II. 

Roy Dotrice, now I know you’ve heard me mention him a few times before, but that’s because I adore this man and his excellent acting abilities.  It didn’t hurt that Roy acted along side of Ron Perlman before as the character of “Father” in Beauty and the Beast television series.

Finally!  When I watched this trailer I saw Roy!!  YiiiiHaaawwww!  I did screen captures to show the very few shots of him from the movie.

Look at all that makeup on him!  (I have to admit.. the antlers are something new since the last time I saw him ! heh) I can’t imagine how long he had to sit through getting all of that on!  At age 85 I am a little surprised that he went through all of that, except for the fact that I suspect he was happy to work with Ron again, no matter what it entailed.

I am soooooooooo looking forward to Hellboy II !  I would not miss seeing Roy for anything!


On another note I thought I would do a little reviewing of my reading last year and this year so far. NO, not ALL my reading, but books that made a new list.  My potential ReRead list.

“newer” books that I will reread one day:

Last Year was a banner year for reading for me.. I thought I’d list a few books that were new to me AND were so good I KNOW I will reread them one day:

1- Inkheart and Inkspell by Cornelia Funke leaps out at me, and will be reread just before the last book of the trilogy Inkdeath is released in October.

2- Here, There be Dragons and In Search of the Red Dragon by James A Owen, make my list.

3- Since the last Harry Potter book came out last year, I can safely add ALL J K Rowlings Harry Potter books.

4- Comically I can say that Gil’s All Fright Diner made the list.. very unusual for me but when I want a “change” this book was enjoyable and fits the bill.

5- I have to add The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. (which I hope to reread for the RIP Challenge this year)

6- Laurie R King became a new favorite Author and I’ve enjoyed her Mary Russell books, my favorite being The Moor, and I can even add another of her books I’d read again called Touchstone.

7- and lastly I will most likely read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials again one day.

So far this year I’ve done quite a bit of rereads already and plan to add more, but for future rereads I can add:
Jonathan Strouds Trilogy
Amulet of Samarkland, The Golems Eye and Ptolemy’s Gate.

Although I have read 41 books so far this year,20 of them have been rereads (old favorites).  I know I will be adding more books to my “reread list” as I go along this year, and the fact that I’ve only added Jonathan Stroud’s books so far this year, doesn’t mean I won’t reread others it’s just the ones that I’ve listed from last year and this year excited me so much, that I knew instantly I’d want to read them again!  Other’s tend to grow on me.

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